Community Tapping Circle - June 17th, 2020 Replay
Chat Messages

00:02:05    Judy:    It says that zoom doesn't support my audio.
00:02:41    Jessie Farmiloe:    Judy have you done a recent update with Zoom?
00:03:12    Judy:    No
00:03:36    Judy:    Yes, Ive updated but I'll leave and try again.
00:04:45    Noelle:    Good Morning, Noelle from Australia here
00:06:28    Donna Smith:    Good Afternoon.  Donna from Sierra Vista, AZ
00:06:32    Debi Pelosi:    Greetings from Gainesville, FL
00:07:47    Marion:
00:19:23    Pamela Stokes:    procrastination?
00:19:24    Suzy:    difficulty sleeping
00:19:26    Deborah A:    neck pain
00:19:31    Declan:    overwhelm
00:19:38    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    concentration issues, feeling trapped
00:19:39    areb:    tired
00:19:45    Glad Hillman:    somatic pain
00:19:46    Elisa Marquis:    not wanting to do what you love
00:19:50    Rev. Jai:    chest pain. throbbing carotid
00:20:02    Jennifer J:    Lots of tears and emotional outbursts
00:20:06    Kathleen:    irritability
00:20:07    susanne:    eating more
00:20:08    Nancy Wallace:    depression, overloaded in the stomach area, confusion,
00:20:13    andi:    short tempered
00:20:21    Susan Hannah:    no focus
00:20:29    Jennifer J:    Lack of concentration
00:20:31    Rev. Jai:    lack of focus
00:20:38    Drew Factor:    increased judgment of others
00:20:38    susankenyon:    Unproductive
00:20:46    Stephanie Tupman:    palpitations
00:20:53    Kate Griffin:    over eating
00:21:08    Deborah A:    chest pain
00:21:24    Heidi A Diamond:    I tend to empathize too closely, feel too deeply when I am listening.  In this time of fear and uncertainty, I believe I have taken the weight of the world onto an injury I had from a fall on my right shoulder in January.  I have explored deeply as to why this pain will not go away and it checks that I have taken this weight upon my shoulder.  I'm open to any suggestions to delve deeper to let this go.
00:22:47    Elisa Marquis:    hypersensitive to situations that normally wouldn’t be noticeable by us.
00:29:10    Pamela Stokes:    9-6
00:29:45    Heidi A Diamond:    10--8
00:31:40    Kiwi-Ipad:    a sense of impotence, frustration, helplessness and fear of the future
00:32:34    Elisa Marquis:    Grief acumulates negatively.
00:34:23    Jondi Whitis:    I’ll get to myself later…after I help…after I do…after …
00:34:44    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    no change
00:36:02    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    even the gas station pumps get refilled by the tanker trucks … we have to get replenished because we're constantly dispensing resources to other people
00:36:47    Pamela Stokes:    too true, Jody & Debbie!
00:37:30    Abigail’s iPhone:    how do we create healthy boundaries
00:37:35    Elisa Marquis:    Absolutely Jody
00:39:23    Nancy Wallace:    … and help and help and help -- and then blow up at that person I've heped when I am depleted!! Poor person!!
00:41:45    Jennifer J:    I felt a shift from grieving and sadness to empowered and curious about my needs.
00:42:05    Jondi Whitis:    Prioritize was a good word
00:42:11    Pamela Stokes:    Feeling more worthy of self-care now!
00:42:19    Devi Ishaya:    Taking down time to play!!
00:42:27    Claudia Logan:    True compassion is about caring for yourself, and then you do for others without expecting anything!
00:42:28    Donna Smith:    I have several vets that talk about suicide and I'm talking them off the edge and it's exhausting.  So I have to do more self care.
00:42:29    Suzy:    say no so you can say Yes!
00:42:40    Kimberly Watson:    Scheduling in self-care at the beginning of the day
00:42:41    Claudette Pelletier-Hannah:    It means to make yourself at least as important as everyone and every thing.
00:42:42    Stephanie Tupman:    it really resonated when you said who will do it if I don’t? I always think that
00:42:43    Elisa Marquis:    Sometimes it is good to hear it from other caregivers. We are worthy and deserve to feel healthy
00:42:48    Nancy Wallace:    how do I know/figure out what I need when I'm so in "tune" with others' needs?
00:42:52    Heidi A Diamond:    19--8--6 progress!
00:43:01    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    loved this: what if I have MORE energy if I take care of myself?
00:44:47    Nancy Wallace:    I once wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do today but didn't get to
00:44:56    Wilderness:    tap
00:45:00    Suzy:    schedule time for a walk
00:45:04    Jessie Farmiloe:    Ground yourself in nature
00:45:07    Pamela Stokes:    mindful movement
00:45:10    Donna Smith:    Go for a walk, meditation, take a nap
00:45:13    Margaret:    Keep making those deposits into the energy bank
00:45:20    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    zoom with fun friends and play a game
00:45:20    Marion:    say "No" sometimes
00:45:25    Stephanie Tupman:    remember to ground yourself
00:45:26    Devi Ishaya:    Schedule ourselves into our day!
00:45:36    Betsy Kent:    Gardening
00:45:39    Wilderness:    meditate, breathe, work on self love
00:45:41    Elisa Marquis:    Ask ourselves questions, scan our body reactions to situations, people and places, breathe
00:45:44    Alana Oravecz:    hammock n hot tub
00:46:16    Jennifer J:    Someone is not muted. Giancarlo.
00:47:05    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    thanks, I hadn't touched anything
00:47:16    Kathleen:    Let others experience the natural consequences of their situations. Stop rescuing others.
00:47:50    Pamela Stokes:    YES, Kathleen!!!
00:50:17    Elisa Marquis:    Smile at yourself
00:50:23    Jennifer J:    Can choose to to
00:50:25    Jennifer J:    do
00:50:35    Rev. Jai:    laughter is the best medicine......
00:50:40    Jennifer J:    Reminding us we have a choice
00:50:44    Nancy Wallace:    read a good book outside with something to drink - make a front porch for yousrself!!
00:51:06    Jessie Farmiloe:    Nancy, that is my favorite thing to do!
00:51:29    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    this sounds goofy but … hug yourself since you can't hug other people freely anymore  : )
00:51:32    Beverley S:    Think of someone you love, that makes you smile!
00:51:56    Elisa Marquis:    I hugg myself all the time Jody <3
00:52:00    Abigail’s iPhone:    can someone explain what borrowing benefits means please
00:52:06    Marion:    Loran's website:
00:53:18    Lorna Minewiser:
00:53:19    Jondi Whitis:
00:54:08    Elisa Marquis:    I don’t know what borrowing benefits is either -as abigail asked
00:57:00    Jessie Farmiloe:    Borrowing Benefits in EFT, typically, involves identifying an issue of your own, while you tap along with another person, as though you were that person. The benefits can occur if you are in an “in-person” group, from watching an EFT group session on video, or listening to an audio EFT session.

As you engage your thoughts with the other person, who is tapping through an issue, your similar issue can improve, even though the details of who you are listening to, or watching, might be described somewhat differently than the details of your issue. Through the tapping, a common denominator between the person tapping and you, as a witness, often unfolds
00:59:42    Elisa Marquis:    Thanks Jessie
00:59:50    Abigail’s iPhone:    thank you
01:00:18    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    I feel lighter, thank you!!
01:00:21    Suzy:    Thank you Lorna!
01:00:22    Pamela Stokes:    Thank you, Lorna!
01:00:28    Miriam Palacios:    Thank you Lorna!
01:00:29    Lael Johnson:    thank you
01:00:33    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    thank you
01:00:34    Noelle:    Thank you Lorna,
01:00:36    Rev. Jai:    thank you! 🙏🏼❤️
01:00:37    Keydi:    Thank you very much Lorna!
01:00:43    Stephanie Tupman:    it’s been brilliant thanks 🙏🏻
01:00:43    Kimberly Watson:    Thank you Lorna & Marion
01:00:51    Kathleen:    thank you!
01:00:52    Elisa Marquis:    I feel rested, and joyful, thanks dear Lorna.
01:00:54    andi:    thank you .very kind of you
01:00:55    Heidi A Diamond:    Great gratitude to you.
01:00:57    Beverley S:    Thank you Lorna and all. :)
01:00:57    Gurvinder D:    Thank you, appreciate this session.
01:00:58    Elisa Marquis:    Thanks Marion
01:01:00    Margaret:    I like the Rumi quote ' Do you pay regular visits to yourself?' I fel this was a visit to myself
01:01:05    Miriam Palacios:    Thanks Marion!
01:01:08    Cheryl Van ReethUser:    Thank you very much Lorna
01:01:09    Devi Ishaya:    Thank you Lorna ! Very helpful!!
01:01:10    Betsy Kent:    Enjoyed it Lorna. Appreciate you.
01:01:12    Nancy Wallace:    Can I save this chat somehow?
01:01:14    Abigail’s iPhone:    amazing session thank you so much
01:01:16    Bobbie:    Thank you.
01:01:17    Gurvinder D:    Can we re-watch?
01:01:19    Jondi Whitis:    : )  thank you!
01:01:21    Susan Hannah:    thank you -my first tapping circle!
01:01:22    Noelle:    Thanks to you too Marion
01:01:46    Jennifer J:    Thank you. This was helpful and I had a big shift.
01:01:47    Marihon:    Thanks very much Lorna and Marion
01:01:53    dekab:    Thank-You, Deka
01:01:55    Marihon:    Its been a lovely gathering
01:02:00    Carole Machek:    So beneficial- thanks Lorna & Marion
01:02:02    Bobbie:    sometimes I could not hear you well. You became quiet in your speaking voice at times
01:02:06    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    saves as a pdf you can download. Yay! thanks
01:02:28    Joann:    Thank you everyone
01:02:31    Lael Johnson:    thank you
01:04:03    Bobbie:    this subject matter is right on point. Thank you. Empaths take on other's energy. You don't have to work in the healer/medical field. Thank you so much
01:04:17    Natalie's iPad:    Sorry I’ve just arrived! I’m in U.K. and thought it was 11pm, sorry to have missed being there live with you, sounds like it was lovely, maybe I can watch tomorrow on catch up, many thanks🙏💗
01:04:29    Roberto:    thank you everyone
01:04:30    Lorna Minewiser:
01:04:31    Marion:
01:04:37    Jody & Debbie McGeorge:    how can we get a recording of this meeting?
01:04:46    Cecilia Romero Mora:    Thank you for your guidance and love!
01:04:56    Drew Factor:    thank you Lorna, this was wonderful!
01:05:04    Bernadette Ingham:    I've just signed on from UK too. Thought it was 11pm
01:05:36    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    thank you
01:05:39    Bobbie:    from Ontario Canada
01:05:50    Marihon:    Thanks very much ladies and everyone here
01:05:53    Marihon:    Its  ablessing
01:06:13    Claudia Logan:    Thank you, I’ve been working withnGARY Craig to create the new EFT called optimal eft