Community Tapping Circle - July 15th, 2020 Replay
Topic: Sleeping Problems?
Chat Messages

00:08:40    Marion:    Welcome everyone1
00:08:40    Seth:    Hi everyone welcome
00:08:50    Dawson Church:    Welcome!
00:09:00    Tamey Greene:    Hello Everyone!
00:09:01    Brenda:    Hi from Washington State
00:09:06    Dawson Church:    Where are zooming in from?
00:09:13    Dawson Church:    Thanks Naomi!
00:09:14    Jessica Johnson:    Kailua, Hawaii
00:09:16    Tamey Greene:    Walla Walla, WA
00:09:28    Lael Johnson:    Los Angeles, CA
00:09:32    Sebastien Turgeon:    Hi from Swede
00:09:51    Sally Wills:    Brockville on Canada on the st Lawrence River
00:10:10    haley:     Hi, everyone. From Richmond, Virginia
00:10:43    Mirela:    Hi from Toronto
00:10:53    ellenehlers:    Ellen Ehlers
00:11:02    ellenehlers:    Hello fro Kelowna, BC
00:11:04    Rachel:    Sydney!! Hello!
00:11:07    Janet T:    Hi Everyone Ottawa, Canada
00:11:48    Seth:
00:12:03    Dawson Church:    Go to to tap with a certified practitioner any time. Bookmark that page, so when you need support, you have it handy!
00:12:15    Coleen:    Hi from san Diego CA USA
00:18:43    Rosemary G:    Hi from Orlando
00:18:52    Jessica Johnson:    What a beautiful and succinct way to explain EFT- thank you!
00:19:10    Rosemary G:    Waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep for an hour or so.
00:19:42    paulinesmiley:    knee pain
00:19:46    Jessica Johnson:    too much to do and not knowing where to start
00:19:47    ellenehlers:    I have the same problem as Rosemary G.
00:19:54    Shari Couture:    Can not fall asleep.  Just lay there.
00:20:00    Seth:    Fears and overwhelm
00:20:05    Marge:    Overwhelm too much going on
00:20:07    Kristin Adkins:    waking up frequently as well as falling asleep
00:20:11    Belinda:    I wake up between 1:30 and 3:30 an have difficulty going back to sleep for 2-3 hours.
00:20:16    Angie:    frequent wakings throughout night. sometimes feel restless while trying to get back to sleep
00:20:22    Rose -:    My brain is mostly in fight-flight-or-freeze as the result of nighttime violence in chiflhood
00:20:25    Jane:    waking up due to physical discomfort
00:20:29    Rose -:    childhood
00:20:51    haley:    Same problem as Rosemary. Get up to pee and then can't get back to sleep for several hours.
00:21:14    Mieke:    Too much going on in my head, even while I sleep and then I wake up with a full head, not refreshed at all.
00:23:24    Ginny:    wake up at 5:30 ish...usually get about 5-6 hours  sleep
00:25:45    Marie K French-Florida USA:    yes and yes
00:25:56    Rose -:    I was surprised to feel hopelessness
00:25:57    Sally Wills:    not surprised had a drop by 2 points
00:25:58    Cindi:    Yes, I was surprised that I do feel hopelessness.  The level did drop.
00:26:02    Rosemary G:    Yes, surprised myself that I felt hopeless!
00:26:13    Rosemary G:    I did feel the level drop as well.
00:26:17    Sydney:    I was yawning a lot which for me usually means energy is shifting
00:26:20    Dorene’s iPad:    not surprised but the level did drop
00:26:44    Rosemary G:    I fall asleep, can't stay asleep
00:28:52    Coleen:    yes
00:28:58    Rose -:    yes
00:29:04    Cheryl Mitchell:    Yes! And that can't fix it.
00:29:24    Dorene’s iPad:    I get in bed every night feeling fear
00:29:30    haley:    Didn't think I had fear but I yawned several times, so I guess I do have fear about it.
00:30:22    Marion:    yawning means you are releasing energy.
00:32:03    Cindi:    yes
00:32:08    Mirela:    yes fear is lower
00:32:08    Marie K French-Florida USA:    spaciousness
00:32:15    Mirela:    yawns
00:32:16    Coleen:    fear is lower
00:32:23    Rose -:    I yawned-great!
00:32:26    Mieke:    lots of yawning!
00:32:41    Marie K French-Florida USA:    yes
00:32:50    Marge:    Yes
00:32:53    Sydney:    no, but still yawning
00:32:53    Cheryl Mitchell:    I became aware, and then realized it wasn't as big as I thought
00:33:06    Coleen:    fear of going to bed when partner works obvernights
00:33:08    Belinda:    Yes, I usually recognize my irritation with being awake, but not the fear...
00:33:38    Paula:    Hi all, from Woodbridge, VA
00:35:14    Sydney:    Wow!  10
00:35:50    Jessica Johnson:    Until recently, my identity was “I am a good sleeper!”
00:38:35    Cheryl Mitchell:    Me too, Jessica!
00:40:42    Stephanie R:    wow
00:40:57    Marion:    did your numbers drop?
00:40:59    Stephanie R:    Big tears released!
00:41:10    Coleen:    afraid to let go of hypervigilance
00:41:26    Dana Middleton:    afraid to let go of sleep aids
00:41:49    Cindi:    The intensity has dropped.  In some way, I am attached to this problem.
00:43:38    Paula:    Hi all. from Woodbridge VA
00:47:21    Linda Radske:    it's a way that I mull over past mistakes - a way I guess of punishing  myself. I wake up tired and feeling too tired to make positive changes, so that I don't have clarity to move forward.
00:47:58    Marie K French-Florida USA:    There is alot
00:48:00    Jessica Johnson:    omg... i just literally had a memory of sneaking to the spot on the stairs where my brother and I used to sit bc we could see th TV as my parents watched it... in this memory, they were watching a video of my brothers birth and i was TRAUMATIZED by the sights and sounds
00:48:09    Belinda:    Aware of my resigntion
00:48:19    Cindi:    Yes.  I was surprised at the level of anger.
00:48:20    Dana Middleton:    I was shamed for sleeping late
00:48:50    Jessica Johnson:    i wonder if this is why i never wanted to have kids/give birth
00:49:18    Sebastien Turgeon:    i just remembered that as a child i couldn’t sleep because i was afraid of fire
00:57:31    Rose -:    This is great. Thanks so much.
00:58:38    Angie:    I worry about what the lack of sleep does to my physical health
01:06:17    Dorene’s iPad:    how about grief
01:06:17    Jessica Johnson:    Uncertainty!
01:13:17    Liz Hines:    is this being recorded
01:13:42    Jessica Johnson:    yes
01:14:12    Seth:    I will be sending an email to everyone who registered
01:16:11    Jessica Johnson:    YES
01:16:18    Marie K French-Florida USA:    yes
01:16:19    Cindi:    Yes.  Anxiety
01:16:20    Linda Radske:    Yes
01:16:32    Jessica Johnson:    My first yes was to Liz, but I relate to the last round a ton
01:16:34    Sally Wills:    yes
01:16:41    marian lewis:    yes, Discovered years ago, I accept anxiety as my "normal;"
01:16:44    Jessica Johnson:    I also worry about what I don’t know to worry about yet!
01:19:35    Liz Hines:    does tapping the 9 gamut point only too
01:25:57    haley:    What about: I get too hot (or cold in the winter) during the night?
01:30:35    haley:    That was perfect! Very good. Thanks.
01:34:31    Dana Middleton:    Good. Better
01:34:32    Angie:    Thank you
01:34:33    Jessica Johnson:    sleepy :)
01:34:35    Cindi:    Great!  Sleepy...
01:34:36    Sydney:    great!!
01:34:36    Stephanie R:    sleepy and yawning! Awesome!
01:34:51    ellenehlers:    I want to have a nap after this.
01:34:51    Bea:    Feel really good!
01:34:51    Jessica Johnson:    excited to try and sleep tonight!
01:34:59    Mirela:    yawning and sleepy
01:36:50    Marie K French-Florida USA:    Thankyou so much!
01:36:57    Sydney:    Thank you so much!
01:36:59    Cindi:    Thank you very much!
01:37:08    Jessica Johnson:    Thank you, Naomi! SO grateful to have you as my mentor!
01:37:08    Mieke:    This session was awesome! Thank you so much!
01:37:13    Rebecca Martin (1):    feeling validated. smiling
01:37:19    ellenehlers:    Wonderful!  Thank you.
01:37:23    Marge:    Thank you so much!
01:37:29    Lael Johnson:    thank you
01:37:33    Bea:    Thank you!
01:37:33    haley:    Thank you so much. Awesome!
01:37:40    Rachel:    Thank you, Naomi!!
01:37:45    Liz Hines:    Thank  you Naomi
01:37:45    Hazel P:    Thank you
01:37:49    Seth:    Thanks Naomi
01:37:49    Mirela:    Thank you very much!
01:37:52    Dana Middleton:    Thank you!