Community Tapping Circle
October 7th, 2020 Replay
Topic: The US Election
Host: Dawson Church & Jackie Viramontez
Chat Messages

00:03:05    Cecelia Roesch:    Colorado
00:03:08    Barbara Jensen:    Northern Utah
00:03:08    Dawson Church:    Welcome!
00:03:08    Leyla:    kansas
00:03:08    Jennifer:    Canberra australia
00:03:10    Idara:    Atlanta, GA
00:03:12    Suzie Gueldner:    Texas
00:03:14    Bea:    Rio Rancho, NM - Hello!
00:03:16    Jackie Viramontez:    Hey everyone! JackieViramontez here from Sonoma County California
00:03:16    Lynne Hall:    Kalamazoo Mi
00:03:16    Janet Pulver:    atlanta
00:03:18    Denise:    Hello, from Portland Oregon
00:03:19    Nicole Stone:    California.
00:03:23    Lori Silva:    Brewster, NY
00:03:25    Linda:    Florida
00:03:27    Cynthia:    From Florida
00:03:27    Dian Crystal:    from Sonora, CA
00:03:30    Jennifer:    8am in Canberra. perfectly fine
00:03:31    Bev:    Maryland near DC so need to tap about the election!
00:03:35    Maria Zepeda:    chicago
00:03:49    Silvie:    England
00:03:49    Susan Elizabeth Carabello:    Tallahassee Florida
00:03:54    Jeanne:    Newtown PA
00:03:56    jean:    Hello from Denver!
00:04:17    cynthia:    Indiana
00:04:37    Carol Prost:    Hi from Massachusetts
00:04:45    Owner:    David Bohm Infinite Possibility
00:05:22    Owner:    Doc to you everywhere from Oklahoma..
00:16:59    Dawson Church:    What is triggering you most now? Please post here in chat.
00:17:11    Jennifer Jajeh:    The current political situation
00:17:29    Bev:    The election!
00:17:35    Kristin van Tilburg:    Can’t stand that so many issues are so hard to figure out what the truth is…
00:17:48    Cecelia Roesch:    Completey agree with "lack of freedom" is my trigger!
00:17:53    Allee Anabal:    Triggered by everything you both have mentions
00:17:56    Dian Crystal:    Dian - the fear I feel in the field, esp. the few times I go shopping.
00:17:58    Bea:    Politics!!!
00:18:02    Idara:    the current administration, financial concerns
00:18:47    Carol Prost:    A fascist government and white surpremist supporting president triggers my dad in Nazi Germany
00:19:19    Suzi Snyder:    Overall uncertainty
00:19:43    Jackie Viramontez:    I resonate: I call it Empathic anxiety
00:20:06    Carol Prost:    trans generational historical trauma
00:21:14    Dian Crystal:    From Dian - I was born 3 months before Pearl Harbor
00:21:26    Roxanne May:    clinging to control and fearing letting go
00:21:26    cynthia:    international real estate companies buying affordable old houses—gentrifying
00:21:28    Jennifer:    not finding health solutions
00:21:42    Maria Zepeda:    My health issues when my symptoms flare up.  Feeling left out from family events e.g rejection?
00:21:43    Cynthia:    Everyone's Right to Vote
00:21:45    cynthia:    armed white supremacists
00:21:47    Allee Anabal:    Climate
00:21:56    Jackie Viramontez:    health solutions is big - you could imagine an article or news cast you read about it as we tap
00:21:57    Carol Prost:    My brown skin son-in law having a finger as gun pointed at him last week by stranger
00:22:05    cynthia:    forests burning
00:22:07    Jackie Viramontez:    Same with climate: you can think about the last article you read!
00:22:18    Jennifer:    the political madness in US elections.  affect us everywhere
00:22:20    Roxanne May:    The huge divide between us politically
00:22:25    cynthia:    children in cages
00:22:29    Linda:    seemingly no end to the violence, fighting and so much fear and anxiety over this election
00:22:47    Roxanne May:    I love that
00:22:52    Kristin van Tilburg:    uncertainty about what the future holds
00:22:57    Carol Prost:    good point made me laugh thank you
00:23:03    Owner:    Fragmenting focus … creativity …
00:23:07    Nancy MacDowell:    not being able to see my newborn granddaughter
00:23:11    cynthia:    lack of empathy or respect for other species
00:23:14    Jennifer:    I agree re we all vote for POTUS.  In Australia, voting is compulsory, not in USA
00:23:23    Susan Elizabeth Carabello:    The election being fair and the over reach of government worldwide with so little being said about it.
00:23:25    Lori Silva:    overall abuse of power
00:26:00    cynthia:    yes! general unfairness. gigantic resentment.
00:33:34    Dawson Church:    8 > 4
00:33:36    Jennifer Jajeh:    My number went up
00:33:37    Roxanne May:    10 to 4
00:40:26    Dawson Church:    What is your starting and ending number?
00:40:37    Dawson Church:    8 > 4 > 1
00:40:49    Dawson Church:    Has body location changed?
00:40:52    Bea:    7/4/2
00:41:02    Leyla:    8/5/4
00:41:02    Jeanne:    754
00:41:08    Cecelia Roesch:    10/2/1
00:41:12    Linda:    8/5/3
00:41:12    Suzie Gueldner:    8>6>4
00:41:15    Suzi Snyder:    865
00:41:16    Bev:    10 to 9
00:41:21    Roxanne May:    10/4/0
00:41:25    Lori Silva:    784
00:41:28    Jennifer:    started at 8 and had a bundle of issues I couldn't separate. lots of emotion came up, during 9 gamut identified a key issue I wasn't conscious of, now 4. many thanks
00:41:29    Denise:    7 -9 -5
00:41:32    Owner:    6 to3 to 1
00:41:32    Jan:    8/5/3
00:41:40    cynthia:    9 7 5
00:41:43    Lois Leatherman:    10<8<2
00:41:43    Barbara Jensen:    9-7-3
00:41:47    Susan Elizabeth Carabello:    8.5/5.5/3, gone in chest and throat, small amount in stomach, calmer
00:41:51    Lora:    will there be a replay? I couldn't be here for the first 40 minutes
00:42:09    Kaarina:    996
00:42:09    Dian Crystal:    8-5-3 lightly through out my body
00:42:33    Carol:    10-9-4
00:42:50    Cynthia:    8/5/3
00:43:15    Jackie Viramontez:    I love seeing these numbers go down! Taking power back from our situation!
00:43:25    Jackie Viramontez:    If you have questions about certification you can email me
00:43:28    Jan:    think we need some tapping on 11/3
00:43:44    Jackie Viramontez:    I have to go work with a  client now, but I’m  here in spirit!
00:52:35    Roxanne May:    Dawson and all, thank you for being a light out there I have a client at 3pm. What  a great event
00:53:09    Dawson Church:    8 > 1
00:53:10    Jeanne:    7-1
00:53:16    Leyla:    8/2
00:53:17    Allee Anabal:    10-3
00:53:18    Jan:    8/2
00:53:19    Bev:    10 to5
00:53:20    Suzie Gueldner:    8-2
00:53:20    Jennifer:    8- 2
00:53:22    jean:    2-0
00:53:23    Carol:    4-3
00:53:24    Linda:    8/0
00:53:25    Barbara Jensen:    9-0
00:53:25    Owner:    Doc to everyone…. 6 to 2
00:53:28    Lori Silva:    82
00:53:29    Bea:    7\5\2\0
00:53:30    Cecelia Roesch:    10-0
00:53:31    Cynthia:    8/2
00:53:33    Silvie:    8 to 3
00:53:35    Kaarina:    93
00:53:43    Denise:    7- 1
00:53:50    Beth Strohecker:    Beth went from 7-1
00:54:13    Jennifer:    expanded 9 gamut clock good
00:57:15    Dawson Church:
00:57:18    Bev:    I'm actually on there now too
00:57:40    Jennifer Jajeh:    Will you send the recording of this?
01:02:23    Lora:    I love the 9 gamut
01:03:17    Bev:    ecomeditation is AWESOME and I'm not addicted to feeling good!
01:09:01    Denise:    Thank you, Dawson (and Jackie), for holding this space for us. It had been a while since I last tapped. Didn't realize how much I was holding on to until I did some releasing today :) Blessings to All~
01:09:06    Lora:    Thank you so much!
01:09:29    Lori Silva:    thanks so much
01:09:32    Bea:    Thank you Dawson!
01:09:33    Jennifer:    many thanks.  I'm with Denise
01:09:43    Carol:    Thanks so much!
01:09:49    Cecelia Roesch:    Thank you so much for offering this at a time I and so many others needed this!
01:10:11    Owner:    From Doc… infinite thanks Dawson… with you daily…
01:10:12    krosenqvist:    Thank you so very much!
01:10:13    Bev:    Thanks -- perfect timing!
01:10:41    Suzie Gueldner:    Thank you
01:10:49    Carol:    I Love your laugh and compassion Dawson!
01:10:50    Renata:    Thank you Dawson,
01:12:08    Silvie:    Thank you!
01:12:29    cynthia:    ❤️