Community Tapping Circle
July 23rd, 2020 Replay
Topic: The 2nd Wave
Host: Dawson Church
Chat Messages

00:06:47    Galaxy J3:    petra from England, here it is 10 pm
00:07:11    Tanya Rutherford:    7am friday
00:07:15    Caroline:    11pm in Paris!
00:07:27    Tanya Rutherford:    lovely
00:07:36    Rose:    it is 2 pm in USA, West Coast
00:10:14    Lorna Minewiser:    It would be interesting to compare zoom group to face to face group for Borrowing benefits.
00:10:23    joycebuonfiglio:    Financial bottoming out
00:10:28    Nassira Algéria:    10 PM in algeria
00:10:40    francine:    exhausted...lack of sleep
00:10:40    Cheryl Clark’s iPad:    will it ever end? or is this the new normal?
00:10:48    Silvia & James:    Silvia - lack of focus and completing things
00:10:52    Pamela Rains:    Fear of family or self getting virus, and all those in the world!!
00:10:52    Lidia:    financial
00:10:54    Angela Pignotti:    Lack of Hope
00:10:59    sandy:    Almost more sadness in a way then fear because this may last so much longer than we thought. Sadness / worry not be able to touch / hug
00:10:59    Silvia & James:    financial
00:11:01    Martha’s iPad:    struggle with thinking that me fear is drawing the virus to me.
00:11:17    Sydney:    My daughter is a frontliner on the Covid turn team in Mass.  Still not enough PPE
00:11:17    Nassira Algéria:    fear for family
00:11:21    Paula Freedman:    how to deal with my anxiety and doubt and guilt every time i go out of my home
00:11:27    Cec Roesch:    gaining weight and not seeming to get control of that
00:11:30    Silvia & James:    fear of individual liberties being eroded
00:11:32    SandyDoug:    Hurricane headed towards Hawaii and developed some anxiety about possibly having to evacuate to place with many people.  Been working on releasing those concerns already.
00:11:41    Moni Alba:    getting really ill with the virus and the life may not get back too normal. getting fearful that there will be other viruses like this
00:11:43    Linda:    living in florida they are calling epicenter and a family member positive with covid19
00:11:48    Carla Tree:    small businesses failing
00:11:56    Knowles Harper:    Missing family-new 6 week old grandson and 90 year old father and I can’t visit either. :(
00:11:58    Tanya Rutherford:    finances, risk caused by others (who probably wont get sick themselves), longer term inpacts for community, my parents getting sick
00:12:11    wendy:    I'm so tired every day.  I'm down to 1 day of work a week which feels like too much but not enough to pay my bills.  Will I ever touch anyone again?  I was already so touch starved but I haven't had a hug for over 4 months.
00:12:12    Laura Weakland:    I’m. school teacher and I am worried about the impact all this fear will have on our children and I want to be present for them and support their mental wellbeing.
00:12:20    Hugo SOREL:    risk of unemployment due to the crisis and risk of a second wave.
00:12:32    Martha’s iPad:    Fear that US politically unstable and will do something really dumb
00:12:45    joycebuonfiglio:    National leaders lying to us
00:12:47    Rhonda C.:    not cooperating with face masks, safe distance. ignoring safety precautions Texas, Very high daily Gulf of Mexico many vacationers.
00:12:47    Paula:    I will never get to hug my grandchildren!
00:12:49    Moni Alba:    concerned of implications for many people who will not have means to live
00:12:50    helen mayers:    Ignoring other issues like the environment
00:13:05    Sydney:    Covid being politicized
00:13:05    Kathleen Seifert:    Future health and finances as independent contractor
00:13:15    LINDA FARELLA:    Harm to my family and friends. Tired of the politics and just the lack of caring for our community.
00:13:20    wendy:    I'm afraid I'll lost my entire savings with a market crash
00:14:26    Laura Weakland:    I’m also afraid of how COVID is pulling people apart due to differing views.
00:15:24    chrissy:    federal troops coming to our city and causing everyone to be afraid...are they bringing Covid with them...they are not being safe in contacts what so ever they are in neighborhoods not just guarding federal buildings
00:16:19    wendy:    I'm terrified by the growing fascism in the US and all the conspiracy theorists in top government jobs
00:17:56    SandyDoug:    Our live-streamed concerts are helping
00:18:53    iPhone de Juliana:    In Brazil we lost Almost 80.000 people. But the president and almost everyone is worried about economy more than lives.
00:20:29    Silvia & James:    I am not afraid that I'd get the virus. I feel that my qigong practice strengthens my immune system, and that is much more effective than wearing a mask that is not N95.
00:21:18    Silvia & James:    (I don't have a N95 mask, medical personnel need that much more)
00:21:37    Dawson Church:
00:23:46    Tanya Rutherford:    afraid that its being used as a tool to remove the poor, black, indigenous, elderly and otherwise "inconvenient or less thsn perfect" peoples. :(
00:24:44    Nassira Algéria:    what do you think about surogate eft for my child who is affraid for us
00:25:25    Silvia & James:    definitely politicized. Interesting article in Newsweek from a leading researcher about the usefulness of EARLY HQN treatment, combined with inexpensive antibiotics.
00:25:44    Lorraine:    What about the blood type … supposedly by O positive is a good thing. Also, vitamin D.  Here in Alberta very strict … mayor now that in public places that have to wear mask.
00:27:20    Linda Dean:    immunity courses is Fabulous ! I have significant blood measurement challenges and have been doing it for 45 days and today got IMPROVED blood scores.
00:28:17    Sydney:    7
00:28:22    Silvia & James:    1 or 2
00:28:23    Rhonda C.:    6
00:28:23    joycebuonfiglio:    4
00:28:23    Kathleen Seifert:    4-5
00:28:25    Nassira Algéria:    9
00:28:28    sandy:    7
00:28:31    Lidia:    7
00:28:32    Nassira Algéria:    Fear
00:28:33    Hugo SOREL:    7
00:28:33    Lorrie Herzberg:    3
00:28:34    draga:    2
00:28:35    Bea:    6
00:28:37    Sue Beltran:    2-3
00:28:38    Rima Levine:    9
00:28:38    wendy:    6
00:28:38    helen mayers:    8
00:28:39    LINDA FARELLA:    5
00:28:39    SandyDoug:    1
00:28:40    Pamela Rains:    6
00:28:41    joycebuonfiglio:    4
00:28:44    Moni Alba:    7
00:28:44    Cec Roesch:    10
00:28:45    Galaxy J3:    petra 3
00:28:46    Linda:    3
00:28:48    Knowles Harper:    5
00:28:49    Fred Jakolat:    3
00:28:49    bjay:    2
00:28:52    Lorna Minewiser:    6
00:28:56    Martha’s iPad:    6-7
00:28:59    iPhone:    8
00:29:02    Elena Malihin:    8
00:29:10    Caroline:    7
00:29:21    Lidia:    chest
00:29:22    Knowles Harper:    Throat
00:29:23    joycebuonfiglio:    Gut!
00:29:29    Lorrie Herzberg:    solar plexus
00:29:29    bjay:    abdomen
00:29:34    Moni Alba:    chest
00:29:37    iPhone:    everywhere
00:29:38    Rhonda C.:    inflammation
00:29:41    Jane Morriss:    heart
00:29:43    Fred Jakolat:    neck and shoulders
00:29:44    Lorna Minewiser:    solar plexis
00:29:44    Nassira Algéria:    heart constricted
00:29:45    Martha’s iPad:    3rd chakra
00:29:46    Pamela Rains:    gut
00:29:48    Bea:    back
00:29:50    LINDA FARELLA:    head and chest
00:29:56    Hugo SOREL:    heart
00:29:56    Silvia & James:    solar plexus
00:30:01    wendy:    whole torso
00:30:04    helen mayers:    jangled nerves
00:30:05    Galaxy J3:    petra, right shoulder
00:30:06    Linda:    scapula, chest
00:30:07    Carolyn Trace:    what about just numbness
00:30:09    Rima Levine:    3rd eye,throat chakra
00:30:36    Angela Pignotti:    5, throat
00:48:05    Rima Levine:    4
00:48:11    draga:    Draga - 0
00:48:12    Lorrie Herzberg:    1
00:48:13    wendy:    3 breathing deeper
00:48:14    Hugo SOREL:    3
00:48:17    Nassira Algéria:    3
00:48:17    Rhonda C.:    3
00:48:18    Angela Pignotti:    3
00:48:18    Martha’s iPad:    2
00:48:18    Knowles Harper:    2
00:48:19    Fred Jakolat:    2
00:48:20    iPhone:    4
00:48:22    Lidia:    6
00:48:25    Cec Roesch:    4
00:48:28    Pamela Rains:    from 6 to 4
00:48:29    Sue Beltran:    1
00:48:33    Jane Morriss:    2
00:48:34    Bea:    1
00:48:43    Lorna Minewiser:    2
00:48:51    helen mayers:    8 to 4
00:48:58    Nassira Algéria:    From 9 to 3
00:49:02    Kathleen Seifert:    1
00:49:22    Jane Morriss:    1
00:49:39    Lorna Minewiser:    lots of yawning
00:49:42    Rhonda C.:    same with me different tapping
00:49:50    Lorraine:    I feel like sleeping
00:50:03    Kathleen Seifert:    Has come down to 0
00:51:58    Dawson Church:
00:53:17    Silvia & James:    @lynn - what GB thigh point is that?
00:53:24    Lynn:    9/11
00:53:56    Silvia & James:    @Lynn - Is the side of the palm Small Intestine meridian?
00:54:29    Lynn:    HEART AND SMALL INTESTINE
00:54:44    Tanya Rutherford:    this has been great
00:54:48    Sydney:    I hope there will be a replay.  the internet kicked me off for 20 mins
00:57:54    Cecillie Siff Olsen:    Why open eyes?
00:59:15    Sue Beltran:    0
00:59:19    iPhone:    2
00:59:20    Kathleen Seifert:    0
00:59:22    joycebuonfiglio:    0!
00:59:24    Lidia:    4
00:59:25    Rima Levine:    start at 9, now 2
00:59:27    Martha’s iPad:    1
00:59:33    Hugo SOREL:    1
00:59:33    Bea:    0
00:59:33    Pamela Rains:    from 6 to 4 to 3
00:59:33    Paula Freedman:    why eyes open
00:59:34    wendy:    I habitually close my eyes when tapping so wondered about eyes open too
00:59:35    Lorna Minewiser:    0 with  lots of yawning
00:59:39    Nassira Algéria:    Waouu. From 9 to 1
00:59:42    Jane Morriss:    I am at a zero.
00:59:47    Moni Alba:    can we do eft with close eyes
00:59:49    Tanya Rutherford:    this has been great thankyou.
00:59:55    Knowles Harper:    1
00:59:58    Cec Roesch:    start at 10, now zero, thank you!
01:00:06    iPhone de Juliana:    the discomfort in my throat turned into a heart beat in there
01:00:09    Rhonda C.:    i often tap with my dog relaxes us both
01:00:18    Bev:    8 to 0
01:00:33    Lorrie Herzberg:    I realize the source of my distress is my mom watching TV news and I cannot completely avoid it. When I started tapping on that, more released
01:00:34    Moni Alba:    can you tapping for someone else who is fearful
01:00:39    helen mayers:    1
01:00:46    sandy:    I tend to close my eyes when tapping to your meditations, why keep open, always better open?
01:00:47    Paula Freedman:    eyes open why again?
01:00:51    Galaxy J3:    petra, 0 and feeling heat all over my body
01:00:51    joycebuonfiglio:    Having trouble focusing my eyes after the 9 gamut…??
01:01:06    Carolyn Trace:    numbness to nausea
01:01:17    SandyDoug:    0 and ready for nap
01:03:09    Rhonda C.:    thank you will tap with eyes open.
01:03:48    Linda:    1
01:04:17    Bev:
01:04:35    Bev:    I'm on tapping place now too from a different computer
01:05:43    Paula:    Hi Bev!
01:05:51    Rhonda C.:    makes since if tapping  for pain
01:05:59    Dawson Church:
01:06:45    sandy:    During the Ecomeditation that is 37 mins are you tapping on side of hand during that time you are talking?
01:06:47    Lorraine:    just over a year ago I had emergency open heart surgery to remove tumour and complete thyroid removal. While under care had minstrokes and massive brain bleed.  I also have Carney Complex for intermittent ACTH independent hypercortialism. Children have already left me for dead. And the positive my grandson FT with me everyday. Also with the issue of self-isolation so hard tor additional health stuff on top of the virus and having direct medical support. I use traditional tapping, including your 21 day.  Anyways your tapping method is wonderful.
01:06:54    Martha’s iPad:    I have the program and it is awesome
01:08:52    Pamela Rains:    yes i've been using the program too
01:11:07    Knowles Harper:    Why is it so hard to relax the tongue in your mediations?
01:12:37    Pamela Rains:    ive been a certified exercise instructor for 30 years and always try to emphasize "respect your body" "Feel JOY" Let it be fun. Pace yourself, and listen only to your own body, not me.
01:12:57    Paula Freedman:    where to i access program to buy?
01:13:20    Dawson Church:
01:14:00    Paula Freedman:    thank you
01:14:28    Bev:    I have been doing ecomeditation every morning for the past 3 weeks now and it's awesome! Definitely happier.  I usually do the one on boosting immunity.
01:14:30    sandy:    Intention, dance 2-5 mins a day
01:19:12    Lorrie Herzberg:    Thank you, Dawson!
01:19:12    Carolyn Trace:    thank you
01:19:21    Carolyn Trace:    a big shift
01:19:52    Jen Gallagher:    Thanks so much! I liked this new way of using the Gamut routine.
01:20:07    Nancy King:    thank you Dawson, your a gem!
01:20:32    Rhonda C.:    much appreciated and very helpful!
01:20:39    joycebuonfiglio:    Thank you so much, Dawson.
01:20:53    Sydney:    A big thank you, Dawson!  I can shift my state.... now I need to shift my freakin' internet!!!
01:20:57    Dawson Church:
01:21:06    Martha’s iPad:    Thank you - this has helped me so much!
01:21:33    Moni Alba:    can you do surrogate tapping?
01:21:38    Rima Levine:    Thanks so much, Dawson.  This was sooooo timely, really needed it.  Went from 9 to 1.  Yay!!
01:21:39    Rhonda C.:    and pain tao!
01:21:46    Bea:    Thank you very much!!
01:21:51    Hugo SOREL:    Thank you very much. Juste before the zoom, I share the technique to a friend ho have problem. I'll do it again with these new information.
01:22:13    joycebuonfiglio:    I went through shoulder replacement without pain meds just by tapping!!!
01:22:48    Kathleen Seifert:    Thank you so much !
01:23:04    Moni Alba:    thank you
01:25:17    wendy:    thank you.  I intend to add daily tapping back into my daily routine.
01:25:22    Sydney:    C'est bien, hugo!
01:25:23    Jen Gallagher:    That's beautiful!
01:25:23    draga:    Thank you, Dawson! Draga
01:25:39    Sue Beltran:    Thank you!
01:25:39    Silvia & James:    THANK YOU!!
01:25:40    wendy:    thank you for the moment of connection everyone
01:25:41    Paula Freedman:    so wonderful!
01:25:41    joycebuonfiglio:    This is such a blessing
01:25:43    Lorna Minewiser:    Thanks
01:25:45    Dawson Church:    I’m so grateful to be in community!
01:25:50    Dawson Church:    Our community is strong!
01:25:51    olgarasmussen:    Thank yo so much/ needed
01:25:52    Lidia:    thank you
01:25:53    Paula Freedman:    bless you
01:25:55    Elina:    Thank you. It was very helpful.
01:25:58    Sue van der Merwe:    thank you!
01:26:00    Fred Jakolat:    Thank you
01:26:00    Silvia & James:    Dawson, you have an amazing energy - silvia
01:26:01    SandyDoug:    Mahalo.  Wonderful as always.
01:26:02    Rima Levine:    This is motivating me to gotta get back tapping on a daily basis!!
01:26:03    Cec Roesch:    Your work is so amazing, thank you!
01:26:03    Caroline:    Thank you
01:26:03    bjay:    Love to all
01:26:04    iPhone:    Thankyou
01:26:05    Nassira Algéria:    thanks from Algéria. Big Kisses
01:26:05    Linda:    Thank you, so grateful
01:26:16    Jane Morriss:    thanks Dawson. all is love.
01:26:23    Knowles Harper:    thanks so much!
01:26:23    Carolyn Trace:    thank you for sharing in this experience.  I feel much more connected to myself and to others
01:26:24    Kathleen Seifert:    Blessinngs. Namaste
01:26:25    Cheryl Clark’s iPad:    my heart is full and body at peace..... thank you
01:26:26    sandy:    GIANT LONG HUG TO EACH OF YOU!
01:26:26    Hugo SOREL:    thank you very much. I'm quiet now !
01:26:31    iPhone de Juliana:    so blessed to have you and the EFT
01:26:31    Galaxy J3:    thank you Dawson, I felt the big hug,  you have a lovely aura
01:26:35    helen mayers:    Message of connection is the thing at this (and every) moment
01:26:41    Nassira Algéria:    It s a chance to be with you Dawson. It s like a dream
01:26:57    Hughie:    I am truly grateful to you and for you all...Thank you
01:27:01    Bev:    Thank you for all the research you do to bring us so much like ecomeditation. Thanks everyone!
01:27:04    Nassira Algéria:    I am a student of Jean Michel
01:27:04    Silvia & James:    Everybody - great being in the same energetic cauldron with you!
01:27:22    Cheryl Clark’s iPad:    Namaste