Healing Tools for an Uncertain World Webinar Replay
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Chat Messages
00:01:32    Seth:    Welcome Everyone the Webinar will be starting in about 9 minutes.
00:01:37    Seth:    Where is everyone from ?
00:01:54    roxanne:    Roxanne from montreal
00:02:17    Seth:    Welcome Roxane, welcome to our community!
00:02:20    Kendra:    I love your earrings Roxanne!
00:02:39    Hughie:    Hughie here....from Canada
00:02:42    roxanne:    thank you
00:02:42    Seth:    Yes, very cool
00:03:21    Kendra:    Where is everyone else from?
00:03:30    Techla Wood:    Northern England where it’s almost 1am so may doze off 😆
00:03:32    roxanne:    anyone else from montreal
00:03:35    Kendra:    I am from Sonoma County, CA
00:03:52    JoyMarie Branson:    from Sedona, AZ
00:03:59    Kendra:    We will try to keep you awake Techla
00:04:15    Techla Wood:    👍🏻
00:04:19    roxanne:    wow  cool
00:04:19    Gail Bergman:    North Idaho.
00:04:20    Cynthia Covington:    Tallahassee, FL
00:05:01    roxanne:    I am going to check my microphone ….it did not work today at another zoom  meeting
00:05:06    Christina McLean:    From Philadelphia, living in Ecuador.
00:05:18    roxanne:    please tell me if you guys hear me
00:05:35    Fern:    Has this started?
00:05:48    Dawson Church:    Where are you calling in from?
00:05:54    Cassandra Kolstad:    Hello from Warren, RI I can hear you :)
00:06:23    Kendra:    Wow we have people from all over
00:06:31    Seth:    https://efttraining.org/healing-tools-thank-you/
00:06:35    Kathy Citera:    Hi from Poughkeepsie, NY I can hear you
00:06:36    Kendra:    RI, AZ, anada
00:06:55    Diane D.:    Hi Seth: Diane Davis here. I stopped my video as I was exploring. Now I can't "find" me & come back online. I hear everyone, etc.
00:07:54    Kendra:    FL, ID
00:08:27    Jackie Viramontez:    Los angeles
00:08:30    Vincent Scotto:    Fort Lauderdale
00:08:33    Lori Mahala:    Hendersonville, NC
00:08:37    Isabelle Dussault:    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
00:08:38    Jeff Wiley:    Seattle
00:08:40    theresetaylor:    Im coming from Pennsylvania, USA
00:08:43    Denise De Stefano:    from LA
00:08:43    sue:    Paramus, NJ
00:08:43    Denise Fuchs:    Hi Im Denise from New Jersey
00:08:43    Vanessa:    Temora Australia
00:08:44    Shir Laves:    hi Guys, I'm originally from Israel but living in Austin TX
00:08:47    Belinda Brooks:    Oregon USA
00:08:47    JoyMarie Branson:    Sedona, Arizona
00:08:49    Carolyn:    Hello from Arkansas
00:08:52    Judith:    South Dakota,USA
00:08:56    Diane D.:    Houston, Tx
00:09:01    Karen:    Western Massachusetts
00:09:02    LYNN:    LYNN FROM nyc
00:09:05    Denise De Stefano:    Denise from LA
00:09:07    Heather Paul:    Hi from Vancouver Island, Canada
00:09:08    frances:    Hi from Mexico
00:09:18    Kendra:    Lots of Canadians
00:09:18    marcie:    Arkansas
00:09:19    Debi Pelosi:    Gainesville, FL but originally from NJ!
00:09:22    Sonia Niebergall:    Sonia from Portland Oregon
00:09:26    Roxanne brown:    Montreal
00:09:27    Sheena’s iPad:    St Thomas, Ontario
00:09:27    iPhone:    NYC
00:09:27    Betsy Champ:    in Fresno ca at this second
00:09:27    West Cosgrove (he, him, his):    West from Austin, texas
00:09:31    Kathy Citera:    Where are you that you could walk across a bridge to Pa???
00:09:37    stacey:    Edmonton, Canada
00:09:42    Vivien:    Vivien from Chicago area
00:09:44    Jessie Farmiloe:    Santa Rosa, CA
00:09:53    Tamey Greene:    Hi Jackie!!!
00:09:56    Jean:    Jean from Minneapolis, MN
00:09:56    Yvette Falconer:    Calgary, AB, Canada
00:10:06    Anna Schulist:    Monroe, WI
00:10:08    Denise De Stefano:    Denise west LA
00:10:11    lk@:    Poconos PA
00:10:21    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    Hello all, Giancarlo from London
00:10:21    Vanessa:    Rural Australia
00:10:24    Mara:    Sacramento, CA 👋🏼
00:10:41    Beverley S:    South Australia
00:10:46    Kathy Citera:    Near New Hope
00:10:48    Maribel:    New Jersey!
00:10:49    Jean:    I'm also a twin
00:10:54    SBTan:    Singapore
00:10:54    Mamta:    Hi! This is Mamta here. from New Jersy
00:10:56    Denise De Stefano:    Denise originally from Philly then NY then LA WoW
00:11:07    Laurie Uzoma:    Coastal DE
00:11:11    theresetaylor:    oh my gosh, I have danced in Lambertville, and live in Newtown? Yardley area
00:11:16    Nia:    Hi everyone! Santa Barbara here.
00:11:21    Fern:    Can't hear you
00:11:22    becco:    Chicago
00:11:28    Deb Elkington:    Deb from the Desert 🌵
00:11:30    Kathy Citera:    We’re all in the course together?
00:12:16    Maribel:    excited to be here
00:12:37    valerie:    Valerie, French from Miami
00:12:47    Mamta:    I am here because I have already signed up for Energy Psychology Certification
00:13:00    Mamta:    and that was alomost 1.5 years ago
00:13:08    Mamta:    but have not been on track so need some guidance
00:13:08    Thomas:    From Thomas  Calgary
00:13:16    Kathy Citera:    So I already signed up for the certification course. Should I be here?
00:13:21    Dawson Church:    Hi Mamta, nice to see you again!
00:13:27    Nia:    will this be recorded and replay sent out? I have to leave in a bit.
00:13:56    Kendra:    Yes Nia there will be a replay sent out
00:14:04    Robin:    I've already signed up as well!
00:14:13    Nia:    great! thanks!
00:14:22    Belinda Brooks:    I have signed up, too.
00:14:27    Jessie Farmiloe:    Nia, Yes, this will be recorded and sent out.
00:15:31    Kathy Citera:    I signed up because I use EFT for myself and with my clients. I’m writing a book and EFT is part of a process I use to help people surrender. I like having the credentials to back up what I teach.❤️
00:17:11    Maribel:    good to you see! Dawson
00:17:28    Christina McLean:    Reading it now
00:17:29    Jeff Wiley:    Loved the book
00:18:18    Felicia San Pedro:    Nice to see you again Dawson.
00:18:24    Felicia San Pedro:    Love your laugh
00:18:27    Diane D.:    I spent the last 12 years of my active nursing career at the VA. Dawson's work was questioned, then amazingly accepted.
00:19:52    Debi Pelosi:    Are there CEU's for mental health counselors?
00:20:41    Jackie Viramontez:    So inspiring Kathy!!! I can’t wait to read your book :)
00:20:45    juliabbishop:    Dawsons audio is breaking up
00:24:08    Marion:    Hi Debi there are  Day Professional Skills Workshop - 24 credits 2 Day Practice Intensive - In Person Only - 12 credits
00:24:49    Vivien and Jerome:    Hi!  I signed up for the training with you via Udemy.  There is no mention of how to get nursing CEUs there.  Any info you can give me re: this?  Thank you, Vivien
00:25:02    Linda:    How will the in person workshops work with the current social distancing situation?
00:25:45    Jessie Farmiloe:    Linda, When things reopen, we will be abiding by CDC guidelines and rules that each country and state require with social distancing or wearing masks and limits to the number of people that can attend.
00:26:41    Marion:    at Vivian - it depends on who the trainer is offering the class and where it is offered
00:26:59    Vivien and Jerome:    It said Dawson is.
00:27:17    Tamey Greene:    Thank you!!! From a veteran :)
00:28:05    Maribel:    there is no doubt this is what I am meant to do! my only challenge is the financial means, the 2 options are not viable especially in light of current circumstances which is why all the more I want to do this work, so many, children included in need of a safe quick healing.
00:29:38    Joanie:    1. I don't have a traditional medical or therapy background-Is this till something that I can not only share with people I know, but that I could earn an income with?
00:30:28    Jackie Viramontez:    I don’t have a traditional therapy background either!
00:30:39    Jessie Farmiloe:    Yes, Joanie!
00:31:37    Kendra:    Vivien - None of our certification courses are on Udemy.
00:32:11    Melissa:    where will the live week courses be held?
00:32:34    Jessie Farmiloe:    Melissa, Here is a link to our upcoming workshops. You will want to scroll down to get to all of the information on the workshop pages.  We will be adding more to the 2021 schedule as things open up.
00:32:49    Joanie:    Thanks! I am also wondering how much time per week I should expect to put in. As we all are, I am trying to balance many things.
00:32:53    Jessie Farmiloe:    https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2?limit=10&start=0
00:32:55    Marion:    Hi Maribel:Because we believe these tools are so powerful and we’d like to see them in the hands of everyone, we’ve made the certification as affordable as possible. We are not able to offer further discounts or scholarships.
00:32:55    Vivien and Jerome:    Is there someone I can continue talking to about this after this worksop today?  It had his name there on Udemy...
00:33:00    Melissa:    I am referring to the certification program that starts at the end of June
00:33:16    Melissa:    there is mention that there is a one week in person requirement
00:33:19    Tamey Greene:    Tapping WORKS!
00:33:36    Melissa:    so I am wondering where that will be. I am asking for budgetary reasons
00:33:41    Seth:    Debi - many of our workshops do offer CE units for mental health councilors yes , the view the CE/CME visit https://www.eftuniverse.com/certification/accreditation-information
00:34:57    Jessie Farmiloe:    Melissa the in person requirement is for the 4 Day Professional Skills Training- Those Skills trainings are listed here: https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2?limit=10&start=0
00:36:09    Kendra:    Currently only the 4-Day professional workshop qualifies for CE units
00:39:29    iPhone (2):    felt a shift
00:39:44    Melissa:    sorry, not following
00:39:46    Brenda:    Thats beautiful!  Thank you Dawson!
00:39:52    Christina McLean:    tingling and yawning. nice
00:40:00    Vincent Scotto:    8 to 3
00:40:02    Gail Bergman:    6 to2
00:40:06    Anita:    yawning a lot
00:40:07    Cynthia Covington:    So funny!! My laptop battery died as I'm typing and saying Release and let go.
00:40:13    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    no change
00:40:13    elizabethannrodgers:    went from 8 to 3
00:40:14    Debi Pelosi:    5-2
00:40:16    lyndaschoenbeck:    8 to 4
00:40:19    Carolyn:    from 8 to 4 in releasing my tension
00:40:19    Brenda:    6 -3
00:40:20    lihuajiang:    yawning
00:40:30    marcie:    lots of yawning and my heart shifting
00:40:34    Monica Evans:    I cry almost every time I tap.
00:40:35    Denise Fuchs:    I was yawning and feel very relaxed  7 to a 2
00:40:36    ellenfrancinefields:    Yawning….8. to a 4.
00:40:52    Michelle's iPad:    Serene...
00:41:01    Adrianne Corrigan:    tingling
00:41:06    JoyMarie Branson:    that’s would be an amazing and needed change!
00:41:08    Gurvinder Dhol's iPhone:    Yawning!  6 to 1
00:41:09    Monica Evans:    Is that just a big release?
00:41:45    Vivien and Jerome:    Jerome's tooth pain went from an 8 to a 1!  Thank you!
00:42:05    Marion:    Hi Melissa- I would like to help you . What  I need to know is that workshop through EFT Universe?
00:42:12    Kathy Citera:    At what point during the course should you do the 4 day live training?
00:42:54    Tamey Greene:    To assist our veterans with PTSD
00:42:55    Christina McLean:    I want to help relieve other’s suffering. My mission.
00:42:56    elizabethannrodgers:    my why= my purpose in this lifetime is to help others heal
00:43:02    Dawson Church:    How can certification serve your life path?
00:43:14    Kathy Citera:    I signed up because I use EFT for myself and with my clients. I’m writing a book and EFT is part of a process I use to help people surrender. I like having the credentials to back up what I teach.❤️
00:43:14    Diana Gabay:    I’m a psychologist and I want to use this technique with my patients
00:43:15    Debi Pelosi:    I'm a licensed mental health counselor and I want to offer EFT for my future clients dealing with cancer
00:43:16    ellenfrancinefields:    I am a therapist online and it is tiring. But I can’t seem to explain EFT to others.
00:43:18    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    want to help others
00:43:18    valerie:    EFT brought me clarity and a new path in life. I want to bring that gift to others.
00:43:31    Karen:    Help me help others in traumatic circumstances.
00:43:36    Carolyn:    I know how tapping works for me and I would love to see others have their own experience
00:43:36    frances:    I am studying a Masters in Coaching
00:43:37    lyndaschoenbeck:    I’m a clinical social worker in private practice.  Have at times used EFT for myself and my clients but need a refresher and interested in being certified.
00:43:38    Monica Evans:    I would like the way I make a living to be in line with my purpose.
00:43:38    Jean:    adjunct to my massage therapy practice
00:43:38    Vincent Scotto:    Im here to grow . Heal myself and in doing so help to heal the world .
00:43:38    Denise Fuchs:    Im an RN and feel I would like to help people heal and shift their pain and anxiety
00:43:39    Adrianne Corrigan:    it helps me and i want to share
00:43:49    carol:    I have done this many times but never thought about helping others with it...I struggle with anxiety and tapping has helped me a lot!
00:43:53    Cynthia Covington:    I am coupling this with my nursing knowledge to build a agritourism business that invites guests to 3 day retreats in a country setting and use EFT and herbal/holistic methods to heal.
00:43:54    iPhone (2):    assist  students in learning especially who have trauma in their lives
00:43:57    drcyn:    I certified with Gary Craig years ago. I have used the techniques for over 12 years. I even did my dissertation on the effectiveness of EFT on the Somatization of Fibromyalgia. So how does your Certification differ?
00:44:00    Lindsey Marcelino:    I want to see myself shine therefore others will shine too
00:44:05    Adrianne Corrigan:    i met you at dr joe in tampa. you’re the beat
00:44:06    Dario Macias:    no idea about certification but work in emergeny and trauma medicine
00:44:09    Adrianne Corrigan:    best
00:44:10    Jeff Wiley:    I am currently a Quantum Touch practitioner. Quantum Touch and want to combine that with EFT to address the spectrum of health.
00:44:14    Techla Wood:    I treated my own ptsd with eft and want to be a credible practioner who can help others
00:44:15    Janet T:    I want to heal people from unresolved even unrealized emotional pain
00:44:16    theresetaylor:    i want to be able to help others help themselves
00:44:17    Michelle's iPad:    has turned my life around after a traumatic experience in the workplace and I’d like to assist other people to recover from trauma
00:44:17    Vivien and Jerome:    I love to use the EFT I learned years ago and I want to have a skill with certification to do outside of my usual nursing shifts...as well as in these shifts!
00:44:17    Gurvinder Dhol's iPhone:    Teaching kids to cope and excel in life.  Teaching them young.
00:44:21    Felicia San Pedro:    EFT has helped me tremendously and I have attended your workshop in Paris.  I would love to help people struggling with addiction to give them coping skills to be successful
00:44:37    Shir Laves:    it is the most beneficial tool in my toolbelt. I want to be certified so I can help more people but on a deeper level with a level of certainty that I know how to guide and talk about it.
00:44:42    Stefania:    would like to learn EFT to help myself and help others
00:44:46    Carolyn:    I also love how this connects with ACEs
00:44:46    Diana Gabay:    I’m just starting the certification, its fully online right?
00:44:52    Judith:    My Why? My heart is with serving veterans and service member, and the Veterans PTSD Project would be a way to do that.
00:44:53    Jeanne Badlato:    I want to work with students struggling with anxiety and ADHD
00:45:04    drcyn:    I have done EFT on pets. It is FAB!!!
00:45:09    Laurie Uzoma:    would like to offer holistic healing to others
00:45:11    lk@:    love using EFT, met Dawson years back & haven’t been able to complete my Certification in the past but want to bring it to as many people as possible because we need additional options other than pills for health
00:45:20    Stefanie:    Healing Touch student who would like to grow knowledge in other modalities and EFT was introduced to me in a recent Energy Medicine course I completed. Curiosity. To help self and others.
00:45:33    theresetaylor:    Im a manual therapist, a physical therapist, trained mostly in craniosacral therapy
00:45:42    Robin:    To help people heal and it's a method that really works.  It's quick and people don't have to go through 20 years of talk therapy with very little actual change
00:45:43    lihuajiang:    I checked the link, is it there are different certification or say levels?
00:45:45    iPhone:    I am a trauma therapist in a juvenile detention center and would like to use EFT with the wonderful young people I am honored to work for
00:45:53    orianatickell:    I am hearing a call to heal,  more than I have been doing till now , and read  your book so looking for a new path.
00:45:55    Thomas:    EFT keeps resurfacing in my life.
00:46:02    Anita:    There are so many people that I would love to help and I will help myself as well.
00:46:04    Joanie:    Looking for my next career and feel very drawn to this. If it can cure brain cancer-even better! My teaching background would be helpful as well.
00:46:46    Beverley S:    I just want to help myself and others to have long lasting health and joy in life.
00:47:43    Tamey Greene:    Collaboration and Community! Love it!
00:47:46    SBTan:    I’m certified with level 1 and 2 EFT, 10 years ago. Repeat certification EFT1 and 2 with ACEP, is there any other course that’s suitable for me.   thank you for the introductory video, have used it many years to introduce EFT to my clients.
00:47:51    Brenda:    To continue healing longstanding health issues and live joyfully
00:47:51    Christina McLean:    Where and when is the live workshop? I’m in Ecuador.
00:48:11    Gurvinder Dhol's iPhone:    Is this course the same as the EPC?
00:48:19    Vincent Scotto:    I love the community aspect of this training. Thats why Im here
00:48:44    lihuajiang:    SbTran, Are U saying there is EFT 1 , 2 level from Dr. Dawson’s universe
00:49:08    SBTan:    no, it’s from another trainer
00:49:16    JoyMarie Branson:    I signed up for the course a week ago because I want to be part of the 100. How do I know that I am part of the 100?
00:49:31    Beverley S:    thank you Dawson!
00:49:52    Janet Watson Kruse:    might there be an in- person training in Australia ?
00:50:08    Seth:    Yes there are workshops in Australia
00:50:10    Kendra:    Guvinder - there is a lot that are the same courses as EPC but we now require EFT Certification before going onto EPC
00:50:14    Alex:    I have the same question as JoyMarie Branson :)
00:50:54    Kathy Citera:    Yes I signed up too. How do we know we are in?
00:51:15    Laurie Uzoma:    re social distancing.  there are concerns regarding traveling to the work shop. where to stay, lots of questions
00:51:20    Seth:    JoyMarie and Kathy you are part of the first 100 :)
00:51:21    Kendra:    If yu have already signed up and been approved you are indeed part of the 100
00:51:24    Lori Mahala:    I want to attend the 4-day workshop in Alexandria, VA in October.  When will it be decided if it will take place?
00:51:41    Kathy Citera:    Thank you Seth!
00:51:46    JoyMarie Branson:    thank you Seth and Kendra
00:52:00    Alex:    Cheers!
00:52:04    lihuajiang:    I did not see my question get answered about certification,
00:52:36    Seth:    Lori, I have not heard otherwise. As far as I know the Alexandria workshop will take place. We will be updating that workshop listing with a link ASAP
00:53:08    Lori Mahala:    Thanks, Seth.
00:53:22    Kendra:    Lihuajiiang We no longer have levels 1, 2 or 3.
00:53:41    Adrianne Corrigan:    i had the honor of doing pineal gland meditation next to dawson. i have been tapping ever since his teachings at dr joe advance workshop i’m tampa 2016 i think. i am so grateful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
00:53:56    Thea:    Just signed up! Woohoo!
00:54:12    Kathy Citera:    Seth at what point in the training should you take the 4 day live class?
00:54:15    Seth:    YAY Thea!!!
00:54:55    Christina:    What does the $99 get you? I am assuming you pay for the 4 day live class separately?
00:55:37    Kendra:    All of the workshops can be found here https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2.    Please keep checking backed on a regular basis as it is always being updated
00:56:01    Robin:    Since I'm not a practitioner, how do I find people to work with to learn how to learn?,
00:56:37    JoyMarie Branson:    Since I have already signed up, should I wait to start the trainings until the Jun 27 start date?
00:56:46    Kendra:    We recommend taking the 4-Day workshop after the second module and before the fifth module
00:56:49    Kathy Citera:    at what point in the training should you take the 4 day live class?
00:56:58    Kathy Citera:    Thanks Kendra!
00:57:12    marcie:    I attended 4 day event with Dawson in NYC in October 2018. Will that count for my certification?
00:57:27    Kendra:    JoyMarie you can start as soon as you receive your login information
00:57:44    Seth:    Great Question Kathy. I think it would be best if Jessie answer this. I will try and ask her
00:58:46    Diana Gabay:    What’s the full cost for the certification?
00:59:14    JoyMarie Branson:    okay thank you Kendra, I have already completed a couple of lessons and quizzes
00:59:20    Diana Gabay:    With the pandemic, are you still having the workshops?
00:59:51    Seth:    Hi Diana, we still are having in person workshops with limited numbers and larger venue meeting spaces
01:00:23    Kendra:    We of course had to stop all in person workshops. But we are adding them back in again. We will go along with whatever state or country regulations are regarding the virus
01:00:46    Sonia Niebergall:    how much time do you need each week to stay on track?
01:01:05    Joanie:    Is there a schedule for the 4 day in person workshop yet?
01:01:06    Christina:    Yes, same question as Diana. What is the full cost of everything to become certified?
01:01:34    Kendra:    All of the 4-Day Professional workshops can be found here:https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2
01:02:30    Kendra:    The cost is $3999. We do have a one year payment plan of $369 per month.
01:03:06    Debi Pelosi:    Do you have to complete the free seminar before you can start Module 1?
01:03:16    Seth:    Here is a great certification page that has a lot of the details https://www.eftuniverse.com/certification/clinical-eft-certifications
01:03:47    Robin:    Are the live calls in the middle of the day?
01:03:49    JoyMarie Branson:    same question as Debi
01:03:52    Lori Mahala:    At what time of day are the live calls?
01:04:08    Kendra:    No Debi you do not have to finish the Seminar
01:05:05    Melissa:    I saw the link with in person courses but I'm not understanding which of the many courses that are listed there are required for the 1 year certification program.
01:05:12    Felicia San Pedro:    How many hours per week should be devoted to the class and are the modules released weekly?
01:05:28    JoyMarie Branson:    how did she find clients
01:05:53    lihuajiang:    What the medical teaching include?
01:06:01    lk@:    are the sessions w clients as a Mentee paid or unpaid?
01:06:39    JoyMarie Branson:    thank you, that answered my question
01:07:21    Dawson Church:    LK, the first practice sessions are usually unpaid, but transition to paid as your skills develop.
01:07:22    Joanie:    Is there a cost to being listed as a practitioner on eftuniverse after completing the  certification program?
01:07:24    Jeff Wiley:    Can you start with the first class, Self Transformative Energy Tools, and continue toward certification?
01:07:30    Cassandra Kolstad:    Where do you find clients during your training before you are certified and listed on the website?
01:07:57    Dawson Church:    Cassandra, we have a “session swappers” facebook group for practice clients
01:07:57    iPhone:    are scholarships available ?
01:08:18    lihuajiang:    how many hours practice needed?
01:08:21    Melissa:    is there a required number of practice hours required for the 1 year certification program?
01:08:48    Stefania:    what is the cost of the program?
01:08:56    Tamey Greene:    Does insurance cover EFT ‘treatment?’
01:09:05    lk@:    thank you Dawson🤗 Thank you also Jackie and Jessie🤗🤗
01:13:08    Felicia San Pedro:    Will there be training if we ourselves get triggered while helping others?
01:13:09    tinajensen:    Im trying to figure out what this Zoom is about? I went to the link and I am lost. I am a certified EFT practitioner level 3, but in Canada and trying to figure out what to do next. I want to teach and certify others
01:13:12    Kendra:    Tamey when you graduate we do require youth have insurance. We do have a list of companies that have insured others. But some counties do not required it
01:14:26    Kendra:    Yes Jeff you ca do just that
01:14:47    Maribel:    I deal with this negative self talk that tries to tell me "how can you help others when you still have unresolved issues" any encouraging words on working through that
01:16:35    Christina McLean:    You work on your own issues while going thru the cert.
01:17:14    Jessie Farmiloe:    Maribel I struggle with this self talk as well. You are not alone. Through your own work in EFT, and swapping sessions with your classmates you can make great strides to find your new truth.
01:18:26    Lori Mahala:    Do we need to buy books for the certification program?
01:18:54    Roxanne brown:    thank you for this informative session.  I am inspired and I bid this group blessings of healing in avalanches of abundance. i must leave but I hope Jackie viramontez can contact me👋🏽🙏🏽
01:19:00    orianatickell:    International Coach Foundation or Federation?
01:19:20    Kendra:    Federation
01:20:17    orianatickell:    Thanks! and does this part of of the course give coach CCEU’s?
01:21:23    Kendra:    Only the 4-Day Professional Skills workshop is accredited for ay CE’s
01:21:39    orianatickell:    Thanks!
01:22:13    Melissa:    There is a big uncertainty right now with in person trainings. I am located in Canada but don't see any 4 day in person trainings available in Canada.  The border between Canada and US are closed....
01:22:26    Melissa:    so not possible to go to US for in person training
01:25:11    Lori Mahala:    Is this cohort that starts in June limited only to 100 people?
01:25:38    Jackie Viramontez:    Can you unmute me?
01:25:59    orianatickell:    I have to drop off now, thanks
01:26:19    Jeanne Badlato:    how often do you hold new classes?
01:26:54    Monica Evans:    The 4 day training we pay separately and then are reimbursed because it’s included in the total cost?
01:27:05    Dawson Church:    Hi Jeanne, we’re adding new classes continually.
01:27:14    Kendra:    Yes Monica that is correct
01:28:11    sue:    Is there overlap between the EPC certification and this EFT certification?
01:28:34    Dawson Church:    Hi Melissa, Yes, we’re in the middle of this unusual situation, but it is changing week by week. And most people won’t be needing the workshop for a few months.
01:29:28    Dawson Church:    Oriana, we’re working on coaching CEs but they’re not offered yet. However coaching programs often accept APA Yes.
01:29:37    Monica Evans:    Will you be offering the 4 day at Esalen in the future?
01:29:43    Dawson Church:    Autocorrect… APA CEs.
01:30:26    Dawson Church:    Monica, Esalen is closed at the moment so they aren’t scheduling new classes. We have them elsewhere in California.
01:30:31    Samia Ouamrane:    Hi dear Dawson. I have followed your EFT courses in Paris 2 or 3 years ago, In Paris with Jean-Michel Gurret . I followed the level 1 and 2 EFT, what is the next step for me ? Are these courses available online as i am in Belgium ( Europe) ? Who can i reach to help and for advises ? Deep thanks. Samia.
01:31:13    Dawson Church:    Yes, Samia, we teach live classes in Europe. There is one in November. Marion will share next steps with you.
01:31:30    Amy Elias:    Will you post where the NY location is when?
01:31:32    Diana Gabay:    Do you have live classes in South America?
01:31:37    Monica Evans:    I guess my question is once Esalen reopens, might there be a 4 day there in 2021?
01:31:48    Samia Ouamrane:    Ok, deep gratitude dear Dawson. BIG THANKS.
01:32:04    Melissa:    THANK YOU
01:32:39    Samia Ouamrane:    MARION, my email is : ouamranesamia@gmail.com
01:32:58    Jill Hendrickson:    How often to you open certification for sign-up?  If I miss this session, do I need to wait a year to get into the next round?
01:33:10    Kendra:    Please continue to check the workshop page. It keeps getting updated as we have trainers all over.  https://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-training-workshop-training-dates-locations-and-prices-2
01:33:45    Monica Evans:    How do you differentiate between coach and therapy?
01:33:47    Beverley S:    Sorry Jackie, does that mean that 2 workshops are required? Are these run together to save costs if long distance travel is involved? I know I would have to travel quite a distance in Australia to get to these.
01:33:53    Robin:    I'm not a practitioner so how do I find clients to work with during training?
01:33:59    Melissa:    will we learn how to hold a session with a client?
01:34:03    Dawson Church:    You don’t need to buy books, Lori, everything is in online. The cost of the certification is all-inclusive.
01:34:10    Monica Evans:    Just explaining you aren’t a therapist or counselor?
01:34:46    Dawson Church:    The difference between coaching and therapy is a good one, Monica! We have 9 criteria, and you learn them in Module 3.
01:34:49    Kendra:    Beverly - there are two required workshops. The first is the 4-day Professional Skills which is in person. The second one is a 2-day Practice Intensive many of which can be done online
01:35:25    Dawson Church:    Melissa, you learn highly structured ways of working with clients in the Coaching Psychology module.
01:35:27    Beverley S:    Beautiful...thanks Kendra! :)
01:36:02    Christina McLean:    what’s the fee to extend if you can’t finish in a year?
01:36:10    Dawson Church:    Beverly, the second training is live, but virtual. So no travel is involved.
01:36:19    Christina McLean:    flights from ecuador to USA are really high right now
01:36:32    Dawson Church:    If you can’t finish in a year, Christina, you get a free automatic 6 month extension.
01:36:39    Christina McLean:    Thanks!
01:36:40    Beverley S:    Thank you Dawson! :)
01:36:55    Monica Evans:    What does the additional Energy Psychology program entail?
01:37:23    Jill Hendrickson:    Once you are certified, are you required to do EFT cEU’s to keep certified?
01:37:25    pierce:    Hi, if I have already started with a particular mentor can I continue with them during this certification. I’m in Melb Aus so there are some limitations
01:37:35    Katie Lodge:    If you go on to private practice, what types of rates do people typically charge per session? Thank you
01:38:45    Beverley S:    Same question as Katie please.
01:39:14    Amy Elias:    Link - price?
01:39:30    iPhone de Juliana:    I’m from Brazil and Trump closed the flights coming from here. Covid issues. I think it’s almost impossible to attend the classes.
01:39:31    Kendra:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
01:41:15    Diana Gabay:    How much are the first two?
01:41:21    Monica Evans:    How many times a year does certification open?
01:42:16    carol:    thank you to all of you, very well done and informative!!! High fives!
01:42:26    Seth:    Thanks carol!
01:42:35    Seth:    Hi 5 to you :)
01:42:39    Felicia San Pedro:    Are all the modules released at once? Or are they opened up weekly
01:43:15    Stefania:    fist two only what’s the price? thank you
01:44:32    Kendra:    Felicia the modules are open one by one. You go at your own speed. When you compete one the next one opens up to yu
01:45:23    Tamey Greene:    Excellent, thank you Dawson!
01:45:47    Maribel:    Is there a penalty for prepayment if you choose 12month plan? If you prepay does that change shorten interest pay back? terms don't show before you choose option
01:45:48    Kendra:    Vincent You could sign up on the 22nd that way your payment would always be o the 22nd of each month.  If you can made a payment now we can always change the date that it comes out
01:46:21    Marion:    Link to price: https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program-checkout/
01:47:31    Seth:    $497
01:47:39    Rev. Jai:    big gratitude to Dawson for all you've done for this field and the world, you've made and continue to make such great much needed positive healing impact in the world!!!! TY! ❤️🙏🏼
01:47:57    Seth:    Here is a break down of the certification https://www.eftuniverse.com/certification/clinical-eft-certifications
01:48:47    Monica Evans:    If you only do 1 and 2, then enroll in the fall, how much of the price is applied to certification?
01:48:54    Felicia San Pedro:    Thank you for answering my question
01:48:58    sue:    Is there overlap between the EPC certification and this EFT certification?
01:48:58    John Hutcherson:    How do the new requirements and approaches effect students who are already part way through the certification process?
01:49:57    Jill Hendrickson:    Once you are certified, do you have to keep doing classes/ceus to stay certified?
01:50:54    Marion:    Cost Is: $3999. Or Payments of $369 /month for 12 months which totals $4428
01:50:59    Felicia San Pedro:    Is the workshop still required if you’ve already attended?
01:51:36    Felicia San Pedro:    Do we keep the course for life or does it expire?
01:52:36    Samia Ouamrane:    Dear Marion. For me : Belgium. When can i register ? What about my training in Paris with Dawson level 1 and 2. I shared my email. Are you going to contact me personally ? Thanks.
01:53:11    pierce:    Hi, if I have already started with a particular mentor can I continue with them during this certification. I’m in Melb Aus so there are some limitations
01:53:16    melody's iPad:    if a person already took a course and are certified would it be beneficial to take this
01:54:56    Seth:    We will be wrapping up this webinar soon, if anyone has any further questions that did not get  answered here, you can schedule a phone appointment with Jackie by following this link > https://jackieviramontez.as.me/energy-psychology-certification
01:55:06    Trisha:    Yeah no way that would fly in Florida. $150.
01:55:43    Trisha:    Good point! :-)
01:56:14    Seth:    You can schedule a phone appointment with Jackie by following this link > https://jackieviramontez.as.me/energy-psychology-certification
01:56:34    Seth:    FAQs are here > https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
01:56:36    Alex:    Thank you Dawson, Jackie and team 😊 can’t wait to be part of the upcoming cohort 🤸🏻‍♀️
01:56:53    Samia Ouamrane:    Deep thanks Seth.
01:57:13    Beverley S:    Thank you all for your time and excellent information. ;)
01:57:34    lk@:    Thank you all very much for offering this info session and the work you all do🤗🥰
01:57:37    Jackie Viramontez:    You can enroll starting right now actually, and the class will officially start the 26th… If you’re still on the fence you can book a call with me for further questions here:  https://jackieviramontez.as.me/energy-psychology-certification
01:58:32    Joanie:    how many are enrolled so far?
01:58:57    Trisha:    I love your work and really appreciate everything you are doing to help the world!
01:59:21    Mara:    thank you!
01:59:45    Jackie Viramontez:    You can book a call with me for further questions here:  https://jackieviramontez.as.me/energy-psychology-certification
01:59:57    Gail Bergman:    Thank you!
02:00:18    Kendra:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
02:01:26    Jane Morriss:    I want to enroll, but can't find the link you are talking about.
02:01:39    Marion:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
02:01:39    Seth:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
02:01:48    Jackie Viramontez:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/
02:01:50    Kendra:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/.   To enroll now
02:02:35    Joanie:    Thank you!
02:03:01    Robin:    Thank you Jackie, Jessie and Dawson!!
02:03:15    Jane Morriss:    thanks! I am going to enroll.
02:03:20    Seth:    Here is the direct checkout page if you want to save the seconds and get there NOW >> https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program-checkout/
02:03:22    Trisha:    Prigogene yes chaos theory love it
02:03:27    Jessie Farmiloe:    You are so welcome! Thank you for being here and offering healing to others!
02:03:55    Jackie Viramontez:    https://efttraining.org/ultimate-eft-certification-program/.   To enroll now
02:04:30    Felicia San Pedro:    Thank you
02:04:52    Trisha:    WOW FEEL THAT ENERGY
02:04:53    Vincent Scotto:    Thank You
02:04:55    Alex:    🙋🏻‍♀️🤗💕
02:04:59    Trisha:    goosebumps
02:05:00    Anna Schulist:    Thank you!
02:05:04    Giancarlo Sacchelli:    Thank you bye all