Clinical EFT Training with Dawson Church, PhD

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Healing Hands: Finding the Right Language to Say While Tapping

San Diego, CA

February 18 - 19, 2017

Energy Psychology grounds you, calms your emotions, and brings clarity to your mind. For that, it is not unique and can be done in a rote manner. However, when you watch master practitioners work, you realize that they have "a way with words" that dramatically improves the results they obtain with tapping.

You can “up your game” as a practitioner by learning how to select the words that match the client, the presenting problem, and the technique being used. This central part of “the art of delivery” is the theme of a new workshop by clinical psychologist David Feinstein, PhD and researcher Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP.

With the right words, you can guide yourself or your client on a journey that systematically and with precision:

  • identifies problems and issues that are ripe for change or healing
  • reinforces the self-acceptance that is, paradoxically, necessary for intended change to occur
  • recognizes obstacles to change or healing
  • methodically addresses and neutralizes those obstacles
  • facilitates the change or the healing
  • installs new visions, hope, inspiration, and strategies for the future

Guiding this process requires deep attunement with the client and a mindful use of language. Understanding how language originates in the brain and how traumatic events change the way the brain processes language gives a practitioner increased understanding of how to use words skilfully.

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I appreciate the safe, kind environment. the openness, and the gentle, caring energy throughout the workshop. I thank you deeply!

Maria Puerta

The basic concepts of EFT suddenly all fell into place for me during the workshop, and my level of confidence shot up. Dawson's acceptance of everyone was phenomenal. I learned a lot by watching him handle difficult topics in the demos, with finesse, kindness, love, and skill.

Dennis Crick, MD

I am so grateful to you, Dawson! You are a gifted and incredibly knowledgeable presenter and coach, but more than that, you are a magnificent human being. Thank you!

Gerald Closterman, RN

A great deal of material was presented very clearly and paced well in Dawson's workshops. I appreciated the chance to practice. I felt people's emotional issues were held safely and appropriately handled.

Harvey Benniston, LCSW

I had already been certified in EFT by another organization, but the scientific support, systematic structure, and deep expertise I found in the EFT Universe training took my skills to a whole new level. What I did not expect was the gentility and compassionate energy of Dawson and his team. Thank you so much!

Kass Toole

Dawson's Level 1 and 2 was a fantastic and fun course that will benefit me and my patients greatly.

David Leavitt, MD

I was most surprised at how much give and take was involved in the EFT workshop. This easy exchange of energy allowed us to process and heal on a deep level. Dawson honored everyone's process, and the idea of loving myself, whether as client or coach, become beautifully real to me.

Zelda Joyce Davison, LCSW

I was awed by the way Dawson handled the raw anger of one course member. He gave her the attention she needed while also managing to attend to other participants' reactions and needs. It was a great learning experience for me, even though I have been a psychologist my whole career.

Penelope McBean, PhD

Education of the highest quality. This will change my life and my practice. Great class and I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Renny Rogers, LCSW

I really enjoyed the workshop. The techniques are incredibly useful and very applicable o my practice. A perfect balance of lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions. I liked the way the material was broken down into bite-sized pieces and taught systematically, it gave me a better grasp of the techniques. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

Lawrence Paternich, RN