Introduction to EFT Workshops

Every EFT Universe workshop is taught by certified professional trainers. They use the same curriculum so you know you’re getting the evidence-based form of EFT shown to work in all those scientific studies.

You’ll learn EFT fast and start applying it from the beginning of the workshop! At the beginning of the workshop, we’ll show you the basic acupressure points and how to formulate the language that works best with your unique brain. You’ll learn how to test your results so you use tapping most efficiently. You’ll tap on one of your actual issues to show you how effectively EFT can work for you from the moment you begin using it!

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Professional EFT Workshop

The EFT Live 4 Day Professional Skills Training comprises 16 learning modules that steadily build your EFT skills, as described in The EFT Manual (3rd Edition).

You’ll also gain deeper explanations of the key methods of Clinical EFT. You’ll receive step-by-step instruction in all the core concepts of EFT. Research shows that the modular nature of the training, with each module building on the skills learned in the previous module, results in a thorough understanding of how to practice EFT.

The classes also include exercises to build your skill and confidence. At each EFT workshop you attend, you’ll receive over 8 hours of hands-on demonstrations, supervised exercises, guidance and feedback from certified EFT expert trainers.

Note: Professional EFT Workshops are required for an EFTUniverse Practitioner certification.

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Level 3 EFT Workshop

EFT Level 3 workshops are suitable for those with a thorough existing knowledge of EFT, in most cases you will be required to have completed the EFTUniverse Professional EFT 4 day workshops.

Note: Please give yourself 6 months or more of EFT practice after an EFTProfessional EFT 4 day workshop before enrolling in an EFT Level 3.

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Specialty EFT Workshops

You can take an EFT Specialty Workshop anytime; there are no prerequisites for these classes since they cover special topics like love relationships, dream-work and neurofeedback; however we recommend you are thoroughly familiar with EFT first. Specialty workshops may be applied as the 3rd EFT workshop (i.e., 2nd Level 2) required for EFT Intermediate Practitioner Certification.

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Continuing Education (CE/CME) Credits

Medical and mental health professionals receive Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education (CE/CME) credit hours for designated EFT Universe EFT Workshops. There are two types, Category A (indicated by the § symbol) and Category B (indicated by the symbol). Find details here. EFT Workshops marked * may be videotaped; if you do not want to appear on camera, please choose another EFT Workshop from the list. 

Specialty Workshops in the Works ...

Date: TBD
San Francisco Bay Area, California

EFT and the Awakened Mind: Cultivating Advanced Brain States
Instructors: Dawson Church PhD
Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, Awakened Mind Foundation
Cost: $395 ($350 early bird discount)
Register for Awakened Mind TBD | Overview of Workshop

DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED South San Francisco, CA

Tapping Money Miracles - How To Combine EFT with the Law of Attraction to Make Abundance Inevitable Cost: $395 ($350 early bird discount)

Date: TBD
South San Francisco, California

Dream to Freedom: Using EFT and Gestalt Dreamwork to Understand, Interpret, and Heal Your Dreams
Instructors: Dawson Church, PhD,
Bob and Lynn Hoss, DreamScience Foundation
Cost: $395 ($295 early bird discount)
Register for Dream to Freedom TBD | Overview of Workshop
Detailed Outline | Dream Stories on EFT Universe

Date: TBD
Santa Rosa, California

The Soul Mandala: Using EFT to Address Psychological Blocks to Artistic Expression
Instructors: Christine Cramer and Dawson Church, PhD
Cost: $395 ($350 early bird discount)
Register for The Soul Mandala TBD | Overview of Workshop