On a weekend in 2017, 34 people gathered at Esalen for a very special event. That weekend demonstrated that it’s possible to improve your immunity and stress levels — in just 48 hours

In the next 5 minutes, you’ll learn how you can do this too, boosting your levels of immune antibodies while lowering your stress hormones at the same time.

The 34 people were at Esalen for an intensive transformational retreat. But it was no ordinary retreat. They would be practicing advanced psychological techniques based on the most profound discoveries of modern neuroscience

Observing them was a group of researchers who put them through a comprehensive array of biological and psychological tests before and after the event.

What the scientists found was astonishing. In just two days of practicing these advanced techniques, their psychological states changed dramatically.

  • Anxiety decreased by 26%
  • Depression decreased by 32%
  • PTSD symptoms decreased by 18%
  • Pain decreased by 43%

And when their negative emotions went down, positive ones went up. Happiness increased by 29%. 

The changes in their bodies were equally profound. 

  • Cortisol down by 29%
  • Resting heart rate down by 5%
  • Immunoglobulins up by 27%*

Low levels of cortisol and high levels of immunoglobulin are crucial to the peak functioning of our immune systems. Immunoglobulins protect our cells against invading viruses such as coronaviruses, which cause colds and flu, as well as more severe infections.

Coronaviruses are very simple in structure, with an outer membrane, an inner coil of RNA, and external protein “spikes.”

Because of these remarkable improvements in psychological states and biomarkers, the Esalen weekend has now been re-created as a 48 hour virtual intensive retreat. You can use the same techniques those 34 people used — without traveling anywhere. This makes these extensive healing benefits available to anyone who wants similar upgrades to their mind and body!
What People Experience
Here’s what people using the advanced techniques taught at the Esalen retreat say about the experience:

This special experience brought me to tears. I am so thankful. This is a practice I can take home and do every day. What a great way to ease into a profound meditative state.

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David Street

“I feel deeply relaxed when I do this. I’m excited about creating new patterns of behavior in my brain, and I feel a comforting sense of guidance.”

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Marge Ellen R

“I dropped into a deeper state than I’ve ever experienced before. It was so comforting to have my hyper-active nervous system ratchet down. I felt the presence of an “invisible counselor” who is here to support me.”

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Ron Leskowicz, MD

“This was a deeper way of relaxation and tuning into myself than anything else I’ve tried. I received vivid pictures from my subconscious. I was able to actualize my thoughts and consciousness in the form of clear guidance.”

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Harry Lenz, RN

What exactly happens in your body when you do this? Here’s a quick primer on cortisol and your immune system, essential to understanding the relationship of stress hormones to immunity.
Cortisol vs. Immunity

Cortisol is your primary stress hormone. When you’re stressed, your body makes more of it. It’s associated with suppression of the immune system. When cortisol rises, immunity drops. That’s because your body uses a lot of biological resources during the stress response. This re-allocation of resources makes sense, because a robust stress response is vital to surviving threats to your existence.

The reciprocal relationship also exists. When cortisol goes down, immune markers go up. That’s because when you’re at rest, without any threats in your environment, your body doesn’t need all that cortisol. It responds by breaking down cortisol molecules. All those ingredients then become available for the construction of cell repair and rejuvenation molecules, including immunity boosters.

Many studies have shown that the techniques used at the Esalen retreat reduce cortisol dramatically — and in a very short period of time. Others show that they activate immunity genes.

Does that sound good to you? Would you like to lower your stress hormones while boosting your immunity? Then join us now for the virtual retreat, where you’ll replicate the experience of the 34 people who experienced these health and immunity breakthroughs at Esalen.

Boosting Immunity

The molecule analyzed by the researchers in the Esalen study is called Salivary Immunoglobulin A, or sIgA for short. It’s on the front line of your immune system. sIgA is found in all your mucous membranes, like your saliva, sweat, and tears. It’s found in any opening where viruses and bacteria can invade your body.

The function of sIgA is to tag these invaders and neutralize them for destruction by the body’s immune system. The more immunoglobulins your body has available to it, the more resistance you have to infection. In the Esalen study, just 48 hours of these special techniques raised immunoglobulin levels by 27%.*

This improvement in immunity doesn’t mean that you’re “immune” from infection by viruses and bacteria. Exposure to high enough levels of pathogens can produce a high “load” and overwhelm the immune system. 

COVID-19 is a “novel” coronavirus. That means it’s a new strain to which humans have not yet developed natural immunity. Raising your immunoglobulins improves your immune function and is protective against viruses generally, but may not be effective against novel strains like COVID-19. The immunoglobulins that protect against one strain of coronavirus may be ineffective against another one.

Immunoglobulins are Y shaped molecules that dock and neutralize antigens such as the “spikes” on coronaviruses.

Yet having a generally higher level of immunity is protective against a wide variety of viruses and other pathogens, so it’s a great benefit to you. 

If you’d like to boost your immune system using the very same exercises that the Esalen workshop participants used, join us now for the 48 hour virtual retreat.

Coronaviruses Versus Immunoglobulins

Coronaviruses are very simple organisms. They contain a single strand of RNA enclosed in a fatty cell membrane. On the outside of the membrane, they have “spikes” made of protein molecules. These spikes are what stick to target cells, allowing the virus to penetrate and infect the cell.

Spikes on coronaviruses bind with proteins on the surfaces of cells (from Rabi et al., 2020).

There are hundreds of different types of coronavirus. Seven of them are known to infect humans. Two of these are responsible for a large proportion of cases of the common cold. Two rare strains produce severe illness. MERS-CoV triggers Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which has a mortality rate of 36%. SARS-CoV is the virus responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), with a mortality rate of 10%.

Immunoglobulins are also called “antibodies.” They are Y shaped molecules. They are found in the openings through which outside organisms can enter your body, as well as blood and lymph fluids. That makes them the first line of defense against invading organisms like viruses and bacteria.

Immunoglobulin antibodies (A) dock with the “spike” proteins on the outside of coronaviruses (B), making them unable to dock with host cells (2a-c). The tails of antibodies (D) signal phagocytes, immune system cells (C), to digest the invader (4).

Immunoglobulins bind to the spikes of coronaviruses. This renders the viruses unable to “dock” with target cells and infect them. The presence of an immunoglobulin molecule locked to a virus signals other immune cells like phagocytes to digest and dissolve the invader.

The goal of the virtual retreat is to replicate the experience of the Esalen workshop. You’ll go through exactly the same sequence of techniques that Esalen participants used to raise their immunoglobulin levels and decrease their cortisol.

The Researchers - And Your Faculty!

At the virtual workshop, you’ll learn the very same techniques from the very same people who led the group of 34 people at Esalen. They’ll share with you, step by step, the secrets that led to higher immunity and lower stress hormone levels in the Esalen group.

Dawson Church led the Esalen retreat, and is one of the co-authors of the study. He has been involved in over 100 scientific studies, and teaches advanced healing techniques including EFT and EcoMeditation. The first morning of the Esalen retreat, he led the 34 participants through a basic EcoMeditation practice, then built on that in subsequent sessions to bring them to elevated emotional states.
Among the other researchers who worked on the study are husband-and-wife team Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck. They administered the tests at the Esalen retreat, and led participants in evoking a brain state called the Awakened Mind. In the virtual retreat, they teach you these same principles.

Gary Groesbeck, BA, is a certified fellow by the Biofeedback Certification International Association, the most highly respected biofeedback certification organization in the United States. He has taught biofeedback and neurofeedback for stress management at Columbia College near Sonora, California for over two decades. Gary was the lead author of the study.

Donna Bach, ND, is a Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner who comes from a family tradition of five generations of healers. She received her degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1974 and brings over 40 years of experience to her practice of natural healing, bodywork, Neurofeedback-assisted brain optimization and other cutting-edge natural healing modalities. She is an international speaker and group facilitator who is passionate about inspiring people to purposefully create transformations in their lives. For many years, Donna has been training people in how to learn the Awakened Mind brainwave pattern.

Your Esalen Experience - Your 48 Hour Retreat

Motivated by the panic caused by the current coronavirus outbreak, we’ve re-created the Esalen weekend in a virtual online experience that anyone can enjoy. No travel required — you experience the whole workshop from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll set aside the same 48 hours as the Esalen participants devoted to the retreat. We’ll give you all the specific instructions required to set up your own relaxing retreat space

You’ll begin with the same basic form of EcoMeditation that retreat participants used on the first morning of the retreat. From there, Dawson will guide you into progressively more advanced energy techniques, the same way he guided the Esalen participants.

On the second day, you’ll use immune-boosting and stress-busting imagery and affirmations. You’ll raise the energy and frequency characteristics of your brain into the Awakened Mind pattern.

By the end of this 48 hour virtual retreat, you’ll have learned the same techniques used by the Esalen participants to lower their stress hormones, raise their happiness levels, and boost their immunity. As you apply these techniques in your life after the retreat, you’ll own a potent set of tools to improve your life in every dimension.

Your Investment in Your Own Wellbeing

If you’ve been ill, you’ll know how expensive being sick can be. Doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and time off work can quickly mount to tens of thousands of dollars

We’ve made the Immune Boost Weekend as affordable as possible, to get it to the largest possible number of people. You can repeat the experience of the 34 Esalen people that boosted their sIgA by 27% and reduced their cortisol by 29%. Simply click the button below to register.

Cautions and Qualifications

We encourage you to do everything you can to stay healthy. There are a number of cautions, conditions and qualifications to the information on this page. Reading and agreeing to these is a prerequisite to enrolling for this workshop.

  1. Energy healing techniques such as EFT and EcoMeditation are not medical or psychological therapies. They are not a substitute for advice from a licensed healthcare provider. They are adjunctive to, and supportive of, conventional medical and psychological treatment.
  2. By enrolling in this workshop you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of Energy Psychology Group, Inc.
  3. The result for cortisol found in the study was statistically significant (p < .0001). The result for sIgA was not statistically significant (p < .6964). In a related study of a 7 day EFT and EcoMeditation workshop at Esalen, statistically significant results were obtained for both cortisol and sIgA (Bach et al., 2018). You can read the EcoMeditation study here and the EFT study here. These were pilot trials and have not been replicated by independent research teams. See the “limitations” section of the studies for other limits to their generalizability.
  4. By enrolling in this workshop you agree to follow public health guidelines for your jurisdiction.
  5. COVID-19 is a “novel” coronavirus. That means that people have not yet evolved immunity to it. As stated above, while raising immunity is generally protective, there is no guarantee that increased immunity to any particular virus or organism will result from attending this retreat.
  6. There is no guarantee that by attending this workshop, you will have results similar to those experienced by the Esalen participants.
References and Credits

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Image of virus being neutralized by immunoglobulins by Maher33 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69535486

*All were statistically significant at p < .05 or greater except for sIgA (p  = .6964) and PTSD (p = .1533).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there prerequisites for the workshops?

A: There are no prerequisites for the immunity workshop.

Q: Are refunds available for the workshop?

A: No refunds are available after registering for the immunity workshop.

Q: Are discounts, scholarships, or coupons available for the workshop?

A: We strive to keep our costs and prices as low as possible consistent with offering high-quality programs. Therefore no discounts, scholarships or coupons are available for the immunity workshop.

Q: Will I receive a recording of the workshop?

A: Yes. If you have registered, you will receive a link to a recording of the workshop within 2 weeks.

Q: Will attending this workshop make me immune from viruses?

A: No. The research above demonstrated an increase in immunoglobulin antibodies that are generally protective against viruses. These results stated are averages, with some people receiving more and others fewer benefits. There is no guarantee that you will be immune from any virus as a result of taking this workshop.

Q: What’s the difference between this workshop and other EFT Universe training workshops?

A: The basic EFT workshop is the Experiential workshop. Anyone can take this to experience EFT tapping. The EFT Live 4 Day Professional Workshop and the 2 Day Practice Intensive Workshop are requirements for certification. The immunity workshop is not a requirement for certification.

Q: Are CE/CME credits available to medical and mental health professionals?

A: Not for the immunity workshop, though they are available for other EFT Universe workshops.

Q: Can taking a workshop take the place of mental health care or medical care?

A: No. While workshop participants may feel a release of stress, workshops are not intended as therapy or treatment or as a replacement for therapy or treatment. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological diagnosis, we recommend that you remain under the care of your primary care provider and seek their advice before attending this or any other personal growth workshop.

Q: I have a question not covered above.

A: Please contact Support at EFT Universe