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Preparing Your Mind and Heart for a Revelation in 2018!

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Releasing the past, and preparing your consciousness to receive the highest possible version of your potential for 2018

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I’m so glad you feel called to welcome in the new year in a conscious way. I’ve been doing this for more than thirty years. Leaving my busy life and giving myself space to reflect, recharge, and tune into the highest possible vision for the coming 12 months provides an inspired kickoff to the year!

This year I’m sharing the process with just 15 people. You’ll find all the details of the retreat below. If you’d like to participate, you’ll find an application form at the bottom of the page.

I find that it takes a few days to wash out the residue of the old year, and become truly available for the highest possibilities of the future. I also find that entering a state of what I call High Mind, where you’re in connection with the universe, is the perfect place from which to create.

When you build visions for the coming year that spring from the realm of those highest possibilities, they often far transcend the thoughts you have in ordinary consciousness. You then create a completely different future based on this elevated perspective. You create from the consciousness of High Mind.

The retreat is carefully structured to allow you to let go of old patterns of thought and behavior and experience High Mind. In one of the most gorgeous places on the planet, you immerse yourself in beauty and transformation. We will emerge from this seven-day “womb of creation” with renewed

  • Connection with our highest selves
  • Vision of an inspired future
  • Road maps for the year ahead
  • Energy for our future journey

The Three Phases of Transformation: How the New Year's Visioning Process Makes Decisions Easy All Year Long

The Temporal Gateway to the Future

Each year I schedule my life vision retreat between two ancient symbolic temporal doorways: the Winter Solstice and the first week of the New Year. Ancient cultures believed that a window of possibility opens up during this period. A gateway opens up during which reality is plastic and leaps of imagination are possible.

In this magical time, change is much easier than at other times of the year. In the season of “peace on earth and goodwill toward all people” the old boundaries of consciousness soften, new possibilities emerge, and we renew our minds and bodies.

I like to make full use of this special week to release the past, to tune into my guidance, and create a new vision of the highest possibilities for my future. That’s why this retreat week is so special.

Elevate Your Consciousness to the Point of Inspired Creation

When you create from the level of your local mind, with your existing history and past conditioning, you aspire to a better future. Yet you’re locked in the mindset of what you already know. You can dream only of conditions you’re able to conceive from your current paradigm.

When you learn to liberate your consciousness from that existing paradigm, invoke your highest guidance, and align yourself with the wisdom of High Mind, your dream changes. You no longer create out of your history. Instead you create out of the highest possible cadence of being. A future opens up that is not conditioned by your past, and is unlike anything you can imagine while stuck in your old paradigm.

Rather than dreaming your future from inside your old dream, you’re immersed in High Mind, dreaming your future from inside the highest possibilities in the universe. The dream that that the universe has for your life is vastly greater and more significant than anything you can conceive at the level of your ordinary consciousness.

At the retreat we will practice letting go, especially for the first 3 days. We’ll practice being in High Mind in meditation. Then we’ll practice with our eyes open. Finally we’ll learn to stay in High Mind while eating, walking around, and doing the daily activities of life. We’ll then create a vision of the year ahead from this elevated perspective.

One of the Most Magical Places on the Face of the Planet

The place we’ve selected for the Life Vision Retreat is one of the most magical spots on the planet. It’s on the big island of Hawaii. Located on the western slope of Hualalai volcano, the area has sweeping views of the ocean.

The retreat center grounds contain 38 different varieties of fruit, that range from avocados, bananas, mangoes and papayas, to exotics like black sapote, rollinia, surinam cherry and cacao. Much of the food prepared for guests is grown on the property.

The cuisine is gourmet vegan. However eggs and other protein sources will be available for non-vegetarians. The swimming pool is chlorine-free saltwater, as is the Jacuzzi. An infrared sauna is available, and a large labyrinth invites personal reflection.

When we visited the place, we knew we were destined to take a special group of people there for a Life Vision Retreat!

The entire property will be for our exclusive use during this time; there are no other groups using the facility concurrently. The sanctuary will be our “womb of creation” for this sacred time of rebirth.

Shamanism, Energy Psychology, Art and Healing

Thousands of years before the development of modern religions, ancient tribal healing traditions used sacred times and places for renewal. Archaeological sites show that solstice rituals were common in many parts of the ancient world. During these significant points on the calendar, shamans believed that the “doorway between the worlds” opens up and that extraordinary healing and transformation are possible.

Besides techniques drawn from energy healing, neurofeedback and shamanic journeying, we will be using symbolic and nonverbal processes to invoke creative breakthroughs from deep within. These include writing with your non-dominant hand, invoking your power animal, finding your symbol of life renewal, and communing with your guidance while drawing a sacred mandala.

Invoking Sacred Space

As well as this sacred time, during the retreat we will invoke sacred space. The sanctuary has a labyrinth on the grounds, where we will perform our New Year’s walk. We will also perform transformational ceremonies and a walking meditation at a heiau, an ancient Hawaiian temple.

Dawson and Christine have visited heiaus all over the Hawaiian islands. Some have extraordinary energy, and are “power places” like acupuncture points on the surface of the earth. For the ancient Hawaiians, certain heiaus were places of sanctuary. In these “cities of refuge,” people who had broken the “kapu” or taboo could flee for safety.

The heiau of refuge was where they found redemption. The past was washed away, and from the sanctuary of the heiau they could launch a new life. Others heiaus were specialized centers of healing, while some were dedicated to symbolic play, such as the hula dance.

At the Life Vision retreat, we will also seek reconnection with our religious and traditional roots. Many people have ambiguous experiences of the religion in which they were raised, with positive mixed with negative history. We will focus on harvesting the good from our religious traditions while releasing those aspects that have held us back.

The Creation of the Tribe of Empowerment

The object of this Life Vision Retreat is to bring together a small group of people in a special place at a special time for a special purpose. The composition of this group is essential to the magic process. It includes people who can leap together to a new level of functioning that will propel their lives to the next level of insight, service and joy.

For this reason we have a selection process. If this retreat calls to you, we ask that you fill out an application. The application is as much about what you will bring to the retreat as what you will gain from the retreat. We aren’t asking for perfection! But we are asking for contribution. A group of true contributors will reinforce transformation in each other.

Building the Experience

The retreat is very carefully structured to provide you with the most positive experience possible. Each day has a theme, and they build on each other.

  • Friday Dec 29: Clearing and Cleansing
  • Sat Dec 30: Connection With Place and Body
  • Sun Dec 31: Deep Intuitive Self-Transformation
  • Monday Jan 1: Renewal and Integration
  • Tue Jan 2: Anchoring the Vision
  • Wed Jan 3: Completion, Connection and Closure
  • Thu Jan 4: Carrying the Fire

Free Time and Optional Activities

While the retreat program is intense, it’s also structured to give you a lot of free time. Most of this is during the second half of the week, from the afternoon of Jan 1 to the morning of Jan 4. Most of these days you have the afternoon and evening free. We will have a shuttle running from the retreat center to the center of Kailua Kona town on these days.
We also have Optional Activities (booked with and paid directly to vendors) available during these periods. These include:

  • Boat trip to swim with wild dolphins
  • Tour to see the active volcano at Mt. Kilauea
  • Visit to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden (Papaikou)
  • Night swim with Manta Rays
  • Kayaking at Kealakekua Bay (Captain Cook)
  • Naturopathic treatments
  • Neurofeedback sessions
  • Massage

Financial Contribution

Given the time, care, and preparation we’ve lavished on this special retreat, we’ve also endeavored to make it affordable. The rates include the entire program, activities, accommodations, and the meals listed on the retreat program.

We have reserved the entire sanctuary and paid for the costs of the site up front. Spaces are so limited, and each person guaranteed a space means that space is not available for anyone else. Therefore a non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve a space. Payment of the remaining 50% is required no later than December 15th. Refunds of the second payment will be provided only in the event of a documented medical emergency.