Tap Away Insomnia Virtual Workshop Video Replay
Chat Messages
01:18:35    Dawson Church:    Keep a sleep journal. Just record:
Intentions before bed
Bed time
Wake time
Estimate how long it took to get to sleep
Restfulness on waking 0 - 10
Quality of sleep 0 - 10
Quality of dreams
Number of wakeful periods
01:22:35    Dawson Church:    When by Daniel Pink
01:29:06    michaelacole:    Waking up during the night often
01:29:08    Janet Percival:    Not being able to get back to sleep when I wake up in the night
01:29:11    Fred Chang:    Falling and staying asleep
01:29:11    Carlos:    Getting awake in the middle of the night and not being able to go to sleep again
01:29:12    Shepherd Hoodwin:    #1 staying asleep until rested/refreshed
01:29:20    Amy:    Falling asleep
01:29:20    Marlene L:    falling asleep
01:29:21    Joe Mitchell:    Staying asleep through the night
01:29:21    Hitomi Hirano:    I am twisting and turning and the sleep is shallow.
01:29:22    hunter Mac:    poor quality sleep
01:29:23    Karen's iPad:    waking
01:29:28    Michele's iphone:    multiple wake ups in the night often up the rest of the night
01:29:28    Joanne Zager:    getting to sleep without med
01:29:41    Joe Mitchell:    sleeping on my back
01:29:42    Karen's iPad:    quality of sleep
01:29:44    Shayne Gardner:    I don't get much Delta sleep. Restless sleep.
01:29:50    Ariana Gronlund:    i don't remember ever waking feeling rested and relaxed or having pleasant dreams
01:29:56    Joe Mitchell:    I want to
01:30:12    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Myself…Wakening in middle of night.  Also, I am a Psychologist and I have a lot of Veterans with nightmares
01:30:23    Marlene L:    waking every night several times
01:30:43    Michele's iphone:    every 90 mins
01:31:10    Michele's iphone:    or every 60 minute wake ups
01:31:43    michaelacole:    It’s Michaela - I wake up every 2 hours and often between 3-5 a.m. if I go to bed later; When I go to sleep earlier, I wake up as early as 12:30 or 1:30 and then it’s about every 2 hours.
01:33:11    Inger Forbes:    falling asleep
02:00:06    Inger Forbes:    do you always do the 9 gamut - what does it do?
02:09:18    Dawson Church:    Unlocking the Emotional Brain by Ecker et al.
02:09:52    Dawson Church:    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1604152613?ie=UTF8&tag=energypsych00-20
02:14:47    Dawson Church:    Spearing the nun 7
02:14:52    michaelacole:    I can’t breathe - 9.5
02:14:57    Carlos:    Ghost getting closer - 6
02:15:03    hunter Mac:    Skewering the DJ, 8
02:15:06    Fred Chang:    Beloved pet in distress - 7
02:15:15    Michele's iphone:    Floyd gets stepped on-9.5
02:15:22    Inger Forbes:    Meltdown 8
02:15:22    Janet Percival:    Goliath 10 heart/guts
02:15:24    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Catching Corona 8
02:15:25    Ariana Gronlund:    covid causes strokes 10    because I had a stroke already and i am terrified of another that would leave my daughter an orphan
02:15:35    Hitomi Hirano:    Mother slaps child scene in film
02:16:04    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Neighbor killing my Joy - 7
02:16:07    Hitomi Hirano:    7
02:16:14    Karen's iPad:    whipping Jamie 8
02:23:41    Dawson Church:    7 > 1
02:23:47    Hitomi Hirano:    second number 5
02:23:52    Janet Percival:    10 now 7
02:23:54    Ariana Gronlund:    10 to 8
02:23:54    Barbara’s iPad:    Columbus headed decapitated.  5. 0
02:23:55    Gabrielle McAndrews:    8…2
02:23:58    Carlos:    6 > 1
02:24:02    Fred Chang:    7 > 4
02:24:02    hunter Mac:    8 to3
02:24:02    Jennifer Jackson EA:    8-1
02:24:03    Michele's iphone:    8> 5
02:24:04    Shepherd Hoodwin:    6 to 3
02:24:10    Karen's iPad:    8-1
02:24:11    Marlene L:    9 to 4
02:24:27    Joanne Zager:    7 to 2
02:24:29    michaelacole:    9.5 - 6
03:09:47    Dawson Church:    Healing Can Be Easy by Beth Misner
03:13:44    Dawson Church:    What was the result of not understanding the hormonal shifts?
03:33:57    Dawson Church:    What were your numbers?
03:33:59    Hitomi Hirano:    7 to 4
03:33:59    michaelacole:    6 to 0
03:34:03    Ariana Gronlund:    9-4
03:34:04    Shepherd Hoodwin:    My body feels more oxygenated. 4 to 1.
03:34:11    Michele's iphone:    5 to a 2
03:34:12    Fred Chang:    7 > 5 > 4
03:34:16    Gabrielle McAndrews:    9 to 6
03:34:18    Janet Percival:    5 to 0  no body symptoms too
03:34:19    Marlene L:    8 to 0
03:34:19    Karen's iPad:    lightness in my body 5-1
03:34:26    Inger Forbes:    8 2
03:34:38    Joanne Zager:    My numbers were 7 and 2.  It went down to zero now
03:41:04    Dawson Church:    Bubbly chest
03:41:13    Janet Percival:    integrated  happy  lightness
03:41:16    Carlos:    Calmness
03:41:18    Jennifer Jackson EA:    calm and grounded
03:41:22    Hitomi Hirano:    light fatigue
03:41:23    Janet:    Calm energy
03:41:26    Amy:    present
03:41:27    Marlene L:    relief, it will be ok
03:41:30    Inger Forbes:    a lot of yawning - calmness
03:41:30    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Comfortably heavy and peaceful
03:41:31    Ariana Gronlund:    more ease
03:41:40    michaelacole:    Light like clouds floating
03:41:58    Joanne Zager:    There is no heavy stress….nothing at all…great
03:44:21    Joe Mitchell:    Deeply Peaceful
03:54:20    Carlos:    For the borrowing benefits, I did not understand what we rated. The feeling we felt listening what Amy was saying?
03:54:31    Michele's iphone:    feeling hopeful!! yay!!
03:55:15    Carlos:    Yes, body sensations, but about what Amy was saying?
03:55:21    Gabrielle McAndrews:    feeling GREAT!!!!
03:55:28    Shepherd Hoodwin:    “I’m doing the best I can” was surprisingly moving for me. Feeling more aliveness in lungs.
03:55:58    Janet Percival:    loving this   my first experience   thank you
03:56:22    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Would you be able to touch upon helping our children with their insomnia?
06:03:52    Joe Mitchell:    Can you take Cortisol in the morning to be more sharp?
06:08:26    Michele's iphone:    if I wake up multiple times during the night how do I keep cortisol down they the night ?
06:09:25    Michele's iphone:    sorry- keep cortisol down in the middle of the night when I get cortisol spikes in the middle of the night?
06:12:41    Michele's iphone:    often the spike is so significant that I am unable to go back to sleep or I Wake up every hour and a half- which is quite curious
06:13:04    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Does caffeine negatively affect the cortisol process?
06:13:16    Shepherd Hoodwin:    Are there tapping scripts for insomnia available?
06:14:35    Joe Mitchell:    You drink coffee before you meditate?  I have never done that..always after..I can't get as quiet with caffeine in my system.
06:20:41    Ariana Gronlund:    so how can you deliberatly induce gamma?
06:28:07    Joe Mitchell:    I use Delta binaural beats for meditation.
06:28:54    michaelacole:    What about if you get up to use the restroom at night?
06:29:42    Hunter:    does hypnosis complement EFT?
06:30:23    Inger Forbes:    How fast can EFT bring the brainwaves down?
06:31:57    Michele's iphone:    yes- how can we tap to enhance our brainwave cycle to encourage delta waves?
06:33:11    Michele's iphone:    will we getting a recording of the eco meditation?
06:34:23    Janet Percival:    easier said than done  that’s my curse
06:37:50    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    http://ecomeditation.com/
06:39:10    Joe Mitchell:    What do you think about taking Melatonin and Valerian?
06:41:32    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Everyone is already signed up with us, so If you go here > https://eftuniverse.securechkout.com/eco-meditation-free you can get a free version of eco meditation and there are 4 other paid versions of meditation programs, for immunity, anxiety, and insomnia
06:41:40    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Here is that link again > https://eftuniverse.securechkout.com/eco-meditation-free
06:42:21    Michele's iphone:    I think I do pop into alpha pretty quick - I have always been a light sleeper
06:46:18    Jennifer Jackson EA:    I know exactly what you mean.  At 1:30 the problems seem so much more alive than they do the rest of the day.  When this happens for me I give myself 15-20 minutes to get back to sleep.  If that doesn't work, I get up, write, tap, and I can almost always get back to sleep in about an hour... which is a big improvement over being up the rest of the night!  Sometimes I feel like my biggest breakthroughs come at this time of night if I can stay relaxed and go with it.
06:48:01    Ariana Gronlund:    bio hacking trick: wear orange glasses for a while before bed to cut out the artificial blue light from screens
06:58:02    Michele's iphone:    can you explain the eye movements and what it is doing. it seems like some elements of emdr and brainspotting and hacking the vagus nerve
06:58:56    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Also very good for people who are in front of screens all day
06:59:50    Jennifer Jackson EA:    Do you have a good recommendation for where to get the orange glasses?
06:59:53    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    There are also apps for computer that will change the color from blue to orange
07:00:24    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Look up blue blockers on amazon
07:00:25    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=blue+blocker+glasses&crid=1QI8S5SFRVCYI&sprefix=blue+blocker%2Cstripbooks%2C207&ref=nb_sb_ss_c_2_12
07:00:37    Jennifer Jackson EA:    Thanks
07:03:40    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    https://greatsleep.today/checklists/
07:04:01    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Both checklists are on that page ^
07:04:34    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Number 18, no blue light
07:10:27    Dawson Church:    God Makes the Rivers to Flow by Eknath Easwaran
07:36:31    Michele's iphone:    Dawson can you explain the eye work
07:38:49    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    https://greatsleep.today/checklists/
07:38:55    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Checklist on that page
07:52:10    Carlos:    I wake up every morning totally refreshed, rejuvenated, fully rested and happy
07:52:31    Jennifer Jackson EA:    I wake up in the morning feeling deeply peaceful, refreshed, and excited to start my day.
07:52:33    Shepherd Hoodwin:    I wake up every morning feeling fully refreshed, energetic, and wonderful. I am pervaded by a strong sense of well-being.
07:52:37    Karen's iPad:    I wake up well rested, feeling energized, excited to face the day
07:52:39    Ariana Gronlund:    i wake every morning feeling great health, plenty of energy and so glad to have another AweSum day
07:52:51    Janet:    I wake up every morning with clarity and my body feels relaxed.
07:53:03    michaelacole:    I wake up feeling restored, refreshed, rested, and eager to embark on my day.
07:53:19    Janet Percival:    i wake up feeling contented and whole  and inspired to start my day
07:53:21    Joanne Zager:    When I wake in up in the morning and i fee wonderful and energetic
07:53:22    Fred Chang:    Each morning I was up feeling refreshed, knowing I had a good night’s sleep.
07:54:15    Joanne Zager:    When I wake up in the  morning I feel wonderful and full of energetic
07:55:05    Joanne Zager:    II wake up in the morning, I feel wonderful
07:55:58    Joanne Zager:    energy
08:00:40    Dawson Church:    Make sure you click to join your break room
08:11:24    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/insomnia-post
08:23:37    Shepherd Hoodwin:    Thank you!
08:23:50    Carlos:    Thanks!
08:23:55    Dawson Church:    Any gratitude, epiphanies or breakthroughs!
08:24:15    Joe Mitchell:    Great experience of powerful tapping.  Thank you Dawson!
08:24:15    michaelacole:    Elevated emotion - love and gratitude. Appreciation for tools for high quality sleep!
08:24:22    Michele's iphone:    thanks you- excited for this next leg of my sleep journey!!
08:24:23    Jennifer Jackson EA:    Thank you!  This was a really great day!  I feel very grounded and peaceful and ready to have awesome sleep!!
08:24:26    Fred Chang:    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It was nice knowing I’m not the only one with sleep problems. :). Good sleep for you all!
08:24:28    Dawson Church:    I have loved this time of heart-centered connection!
08:24:44    Janet Percival:    thank you all  this has been delightful informative and fun  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself  I look forward to an amazing nights sleep xxxx
08:24:46    Marlene L:    I am grateful to have met you, Dawson. Thank you!
08:24:49    Gabrielle McAndrews:    Thank you SO much Dawson!!!  I will definitely be taking more courses and perhaps Clinical Certification so I may continue to help myself and my patients (many of which are combat veterans).  Sending much love and appreciation!!!!!!
08:24:55    Hitomi Hirano:    I feel my tight knots have loosened up a bit.
08:25:02    Ariana Gronlund:    May all our sleep be divine and our dancing be AweSum
08:25:12    Carlos:    Sleep well tonight :-)
08:25:17    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Thanks for the inspiration and connection. Great breakout room :)
08:25:23    Karen's iPad:    Thanks so much for the heartfelt sharing, gratitude for the tools and techniques!
08:25:27    Joanne Zager:    This course has been enjoyable and invaluable to me.  I am going to try the techniques tonight. Thank you Dawson.
08:25:47    Janet Percival:    absolutely !!!
08:25:57    Seth (EFT Universe Tech):    Dream Freedom Tribe!
08:26:14    Michele's iphone:    love that dream freedom tribe