Tapping In Place – Live Virtual Workshop

The antidote to sheltering in place! If you’re ready to release all that frustration and fear along with a group of fellow tappers, please join us for the live virtual Tapping In Place workshop. With Dawson Church and Jackie Viramontez.

May 8, 2020

Start Time: 7AM Pacific / 10AM Eastern / 4PM Central European
End Time: 2:30PM Pacific / 5:30PM Eastern / 11:30PM Central European
Check your local time here

We want to serve. So we’ve made the workshop so affordable, it’s within everyone’s reach.

A bargain at $199 per household
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  • 08
  • 47
  • 35

Among the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Truly Being With Your Feelings, No Matter How Explosive They Are
  • Your Intentions: Open to Learning, Open to Love
  • Ranting and Tapping
  • How Your Childhood Attachment Experiences Condition Your Adult Relationships
  • Tapping With Letter Writing for Present Day Resentments and Long-standing Grudges
  • Discharging Intensity so You Aren’t Communicating from a Charged Place
  • Your Past and Your Physical Signals of Stress in Your Body
  • The Enhanced Tapping Techniques
  • What Resentment Feels Like in the Body
  • Hot Points that Trigger You — Conversational and Behavioral Triggers
  • The Choices Method
  • Future Pacing: Planning What You’ll Do When Triggered Tomorrow
  • ... and much more!

Your Hosts
Dawson Church, PhD
Jackie Viramontez
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there prerequisites for the workshops?

A: There are no prerequisites for the this workshop.

Q: Are refunds available for the workshop?

A: No refunds are available after registering for this workshop.

Q: Are discounts, scholarships, or coupons available for the workshop?

A: We strive to keep our costs and prices as low as possible consistent with offering high-quality programs. Therefore no discounts, scholarships or coupons are available for this workshop.

Q: Will I receive a recording of the workshop?

A: Yes. If you have registered, you will receive a link to a recording of the workshop within 2 weeks.

Q: What’s the difference between this workshop and other EFT Universe training workshops?

A: The basic EFT workshop is the Experiential workshop. Anyone can take this to experience EFT tapping. The EFT Live 4 Day Professional Workshop and the 2 Day Practice Intensive Workshop are requirements for certification. This workshop is not a requirement for certification.

Q: Are CE/CME credits available to medical and mental health professionals?

A: Not for this workshop, though they are available for other EFT Universe workshops.

Q: Can taking a workshop take the place of mental health care or medical care?

A: No. While workshop participants may feel a release of stress, workshops are not intended as therapy or treatment or as a replacement for therapy or treatment. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological diagnosis, we recommend that you remain under the care of your primary care provider and seek their advice before attending this or any other personal growth workshop.

Q: I have a question not covered above.

A: Please contact Support at EFT Universe