Tapping in Place Virtual Workshop Video Replay
Chat Messages

00:28:06    emmanuel:    Hello from France  :)
00:29:13    emmanuel:    Yes :)
00:29:29    Liz Shelley:    Hi from NY
00:29:40    Dawson Church:    Wow! Snow!
00:32:58    Dawson Church:    Where are you calling in from?
01:04:45    Jackie Viramontez:    If you want to pick a triggering relational situation you can too!
01:05:14    Seth:    Muted her
01:18:34    Jackie Viramontez:    Im yawning over here! Would love to know peoples new numbers!
01:18:40    Dawson Church:    6 or 7 > 1 or 2
01:18:44    Jackie Viramontez:    Mine went from 8 to 4
01:18:51    Ingrid Gerrits:    mine 8-1
01:18:51    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    10 to 4
01:18:52    Monica:    10 to a 6
01:18:54    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    9 to a 3
01:18:55    Margaret Amoss:    8 to 2
01:18:55    Carrie Radnov:    10, 3
01:18:56    Ray:    9 to 5
01:18:57    bebe brezanin brusky:    8 to a 4
01:18:57    mario:    8 to 4
01:18:59    Renee:    9 to 4
01:19:01    Lisa:    7 - 2
01:19:01    Jennifer Jackson:    6-3
01:19:03    Diane Crawford:    From 9-7
01:19:03    Laurie:    1st # 8910 now a 3
01:19:04    Tamara's iPad:    7 to 3 uncontrollable yawning!
01:19:05    Cristina Gondolo:    9 to 3
01:19:05    Carrie Barlow:    7 to 2
01:19:16    Jackie Viramontez:    We just lost 1000 lbs of emotional weight together! LOL
01:19:39    John Hutcherson:    3 to 1
01:20:37    jamesschwarz:    from 6 to 2
01:21:26    claudineprune:    7 to 3
01:25:34    Jackie Viramontez:    PROMPT: What relationship challenge have come up this week/month because of confinement?
01:32:35    jamesschwarz:    4 to1;   7 to5
01:32:37    bebe brezanin brusky:    6 to 3
01:32:41    Ingrid Gerrits:    5-1
01:32:42    mario:    6 to 3
01:32:44    Jackie Viramontez:    7 to 4 ! moved from heart to throat
01:32:46    Margaret Amoss:    8 to 0
01:32:48    Monica:    From 10 to 5
01:32:49    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    8 to 2
01:32:53    Lisa:    7 to 2
01:32:54    Tamara's iPad:    8-3 felt like crying but didn’t
01:32:59    Carrie Barlow:    7 to 1
01:32:59    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    10 to 4...or lower..it just feels good
01:32:59    emmanuel:    7to1
01:33:00    Cristina Gondolo:    8 to 4
01:33:00    Carrie Radnov:    9 -> 4
01:33:03    Laurie:    8-9 then 5
01:33:34    John Hutcherson:    6 > 2
01:33:39    claudineprune:    8 to 5
01:37:42    Jackie Viramontez:    Effortless Ease & Flow :)
01:38:08    Dawson Church:    Waking up in appreciation of my wife
01:38:41    bebe brezanin brusky:    EASE
01:38:46    Tamara's iPad:    Flowing with Intention
01:38:48    Margaret Amoss:    Connection
01:38:51    Ingrid Gerrits:    True connection
01:38:54    Jennifer Jackson:    connecting more with activities such as making music or dancing rather than just watching TV
01:39:05    Renee:    Acceptance
01:39:07    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    compassion, creativity,growth, moving forward
01:39:23    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    Connection for me too
01:39:27    Carrie Radnov:    Easy open communication
01:39:29    Renee:    Thanks, DC!
01:39:30    Mary Peterson:    deeper connection
01:39:45    John Hutcherson:    Direct awareness of others
01:39:47    Carrie Barlow:    compassion for myself and everyone in my family
01:39:49    Michelle Martinez:    connection
01:39:52    claudineprune:    créativité and serenity
01:39:59    Laurie:    Understanding and forgiveness
01:40:03    Monica:    The time to take to declutter my house and my mind.
01:40:20    Laurie:    Peace within
01:40:25    jamesschwarz:    freedom to flow in harmony and peace
01:41:30    Cristina Gondolo:    playfulness and ease
01:42:30    Dawson Church:    Being more conscious
01:42:34    Jennifer Jackson:    more intentional creation, compassion, awareness
01:42:51    Dawson Church:    Enjoying the connection I’ve had with people in my community today.
01:42:54    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    feel more at ease with myself
01:43:03    Tamara's iPad:    Peacefully intentional with gratitude
01:43:25    jamesschwarz:    more energized  and ready to move forward
01:43:27    Mary Peterson:    feeling more like my highest self that loves in every moment
01:43:30    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    I will have let go of tons of baggage and fear
01:43:47    Naomi:    stop feeling stuck
01:43:50    Carrie Barlow:    feel more peace, feel at one with others
01:43:53    John Hutcherson:    More knowledge and experience with EFT, more centered.
01:43:54    Lisa:    Keeping a level head during a crisis moment. Keeping calm, focus and alert. Reacting with compassion.
01:43:56    Monica:    I will feel more grounded and better able to handle the challenges that I am encountering.
01:43:58    Carrie Radnov:    better follow through with so many great ideas
01:44:16    claudineprune:    feel grateful and loving
01:44:25    Laurie:    Better understanding /direction for the future
01:44:27    Cristina Gondolo:    self compassion and acceptance to allow other shifts
01:44:28    Ingrid Gerrits:    feel confident
01:44:28    Renee:    Having a calm/peace that allows for creativity and inspiration.
01:44:39    Laurie:    More organized at home
01:44:42    Michelle Martinez:    inspired growth as I continue on my healing journal
01:44:59    Michelle Martinez:    journey...:)
01:45:15    bebe brezanin brusky:    ease and acceptance of myself and people I love (and people I don't love!)  Reconnected with the power of EFT --- it's been a long time since I participated in this type of training
01:50:14    Jackie Viramontez:    BREAKOUT ROOM: Share your INTENTIONS + How your inner life will be different at the end of the day
01:51:16    Margaret Amoss:    oops, i haven’t enabled break rooms yet! afraid if i do I’ll get kicked off this meething
02:16:32    Margaret Amoss:    I think you have to unmute me
02:18:08    Jackie Viramontez:    woohoo! Love it Margaret!
02:18:57    Mary Peterson:    F!#k Therapy!
02:20:35    Renee Duprel:    Me too!!!!
02:20:44    Jennifer Jackson:    Yes the conspiracy theories are what are driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!
02:21:26    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    Well for me it is the conspiracy facts that are driving me crazy...
02:22:21    Jennifer Jackson:    it's a very confusing time for sure...
02:22:32    Mary Peterson:    The uncertainty of the reliability of information driving me crazy
02:22:43    Jennifer Jackson:    agreed
02:23:21    jamesschwarz:    My Breathing is clearly deeper
02:53:12    Carrie Radnov:    Why doesn't she get it?!
02:53:25    Dawson Church:    Relatives wanting more attention than I can give.
02:53:35    bebe brezanin brusky:    my best friend --- "she knows everything!"
02:53:37    Monica:    Long-standing grudge with brother.  It is around a 10 and it feels like a tightening in my chest.
02:53:52    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    feeling demanded upon 6
02:53:55    Carrie Radnov:    congestion in chest area
02:53:57    Renee Duprel:    Why the collarbone?
02:53:58    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    I am resenting my son's father for not learning about our son's autism diag. 3 years ago he wont learn and treats son wrong..
02:54:08    Tamara's iPad:    my son...that he resists working from the inside out...9!
02:54:26    Carrie Barlow:    my husband encoyraged me to something i didnt want to do-10, heat in chest
02:54:47    John Hutcherson:    Relationship 6
02:55:13    Ingrid Gerrits:    relationg shipt with son in law - excluding us - 7
02:55:13    Liz Shelley:    my husband will not respect my need to go to the lake for 1 week each year 10
03:17:53    Renee Duprel:    9 to 6
03:17:55    Tamara's iPad:    9-5
03:17:55    Mary Peterson:    10 3
03:17:55    Laurie:    Lest fire in my stomach! 8 to a 3
03:18:00    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    6 to 3
03:18:03    Monica:    10 to 6
03:18:05    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    start 10, 6
03:18:05    Naomi Fingerhut:    10-7
03:18:06    Liz Shelley:    10 to4
03:18:07    Jennifer Jackson:    6-1
03:18:12    Margaret Amoss:    6 to 3
03:18:15    Lisa:    9 to 5 feel a bit calmer
03:18:15    Ingrid Gerrits:    7-3 shoulders
03:18:16    jamesschwarz:    My resentment move from resentment to sadness and helplessness  6 to 3
03:18:25    Carrie Radnov:    10 to 7 congestion in chest easing
03:18:33    bebe brezanin brusky:    8 to 3 - I saw how this is something that my parents used to do...my emotional reaction is not so black any more :)
03:18:38    Eugenia Barton:    7 to 2
03:19:05    Carrie Barlow:    10 to 6 now in throat, pressure
03:19:15    Michelle Martinez:    8 to 5 lots of yawning as I tap
03:19:42    Carrie Radnov:    transitioning to worry
03:19:58    Liz Shelley:    I have to remember to breathe when we’re doing the eye movements
03:19:58    mario:    9 to 2
03:28:19    Michelle Martinez:    tears came up for me as we tapped again
03:32:05    bebe brezanin brusky:    big thank  you!
03:32:14    Renee Duprel:    6 to 4
03:32:18    Dawson Church:    I went to a zero.
03:32:23    mario:    9  to 2 to 0
03:32:28    Monica:    6 to 3
03:32:31    Ingrid Gerrits:    7-5-3
03:32:31    Dawson Church:    The prompts were:
03:32:32    Dawson Church:    Write down in your journal:
It bothers me when...
It’s upsetting to me because...
What I wish for or need is…
03:32:32    Tamara's iPad:    down to a 2 and I can smile
03:32:36    Mary Peterson:    What problem?
03:32:38    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    it went lower and subsided inmy gut after the last part
03:32:39    Laurie:    Less hurtful
03:33:05    Jennifer Jackson:    more peace and acceptance - 0
03:33:05    Carrie Barlow:    its a 2 in thebthroat, feeling morw loving
03:33:07    Liz Shelley:    10 to 4 to 1.  Less charged
03:34:03    Liz Shelley:    Love and acceptance of my needs
03:34:40    Eugenia Barton:    Great technique. Resentment went from 6 to 1
03:34:47    Tamara's iPad:    Thank you Jackie!🙏
03:35:03    Mary Peterson:    Namaste Jackie
03:35:08    Carrie Radnov:    I'm so grateful to you!
03:35:29    Carrie Barlow:    thank you Jackie!!!
03:37:43    Cristina Gondolo:    so helpful Jackie, THANK YOU!
03:38:13    Jackie Viramontez:    Thanks guys! I think we have a new mantra for today: It’s not personal!
03:40:56    Jennifer Jackson:    Thanks Jackie!  Feeling very peaceful now.
03:41:16    Jackie Viramontez:    Thanks guys! I feel the wisdom on this call :)
03:42:35    Jackie Viramontez:    Studies show 90% of triggers actually come from the past (The other 10% is a boundary issue!)
03:45:58    Jackie Viramontez:    Sensation/ size/ color/ movement
03:47:37    Mary Peterson:    Mom and hair
03:47:51    Mary Peterson:    Concrete wall around me
03:47:53    Liz Shelley:    Put in a body cast at 16 dos old  I feel dizzy and fearful
03:47:59    Renee Duprel:    Sister in law keeping my brother from seeing me/our family. 'The Wine Incident'. 9!
03:48:01    Laurie:    Conflict at part time work in HS. Sick to my stomach.
03:48:04    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    overwhelmed by task age 4
03:48:19    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    Grade 2 teacher broke a ruler on my arm, fear, shock
03:48:23    Dawson Church:    Harsh gray energy pushing up through my throat. Kindergarten, teacher asking me a question.
03:48:25    Carrie Radnov:    Stifled by constant togetherness.  heart chakra bound up tightly
03:48:30    Carrie Barlow:    shock and fear in the wo
03:48:36    Liz Shelley:    10
03:48:42    Tamara's iPad:    witnessed a family member physically hurting another family member...feeling tightness in chest, cheeks getting hot, shakes hands...emotion is anger and fear
03:48:43    Monica:    7 year old birthday party.  Tightness and confinement  in body, like a straight jacket.  Powerless.
03:48:48    Carrie Barlow:    womb, heart being sucked out
03:48:49    nicolehaltman:    What if I can’t recall a specific event?
03:48:53    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    belly and neck/shoulders
03:49:32    Cristina Gondolo:    New school new teacher.  Speechless. not able to answer. Tightness from tummy up to throat
03:50:09    Jackie Viramontez:    Nicole, stay tuned into the sensation in your body. Is it a new feeling? Did you feel it in college? In high school? Do you remember having it as  kiddo?
03:50:14    Carrie Radnov:    many younger siblings.  no more undivided attention
03:52:50    Jackie Viramontez:    If you had to guess, how old is the feeling, or what age (even if no event arises)
03:57:32    Michelle Martinez:    why do you tap both points simultaneously?  how does it help the process?
04:01:18    Jackie Viramontez:    It creates a connection between the two meridians
04:07:18    Jackie Viramontez:    We’re with you Nicole! That was beautiful :)
04:07:29    Jennifer Jackson:    Wow, I loved tapping both the head and heart!  Have not done that before.  Had a major breakthrough.  I have been triggered by people's social media posts that are spreading alarm.  During the tapping everything came together that if 90% of triggers come from past events then this pandemic is a Universal trigger for all or our unhealed past events.  All of our unhealed past events are being triggered and clashing in all directions.  Suddenly have deep compassion for myself and everybody else who is just doing their best to move through all of these emotions... even if I don't always agree with their opinions/reactions/triggers.  Feeling peaceful and grounded and a tremendous sense of well being and understanding.  Thank you.
04:07:57    Jackie Viramontez:    WOWWW!
04:08:24    Jackie Viramontez:    I love that REFRAME/SHIFT! Im stealing it :)
04:24:19    Jennifer Jackson:    it was actually a co-creation because your post in the chat was the seed!
04:25:14    Jackie Viramontez:    Save the zoom link just inc are you do have to log off: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 976 2995 7007
04:25:25    Jennifer Jackson:    eat and take a walk outside
04:25:28    Mary Peterson:    Planting flowers
04:25:32    Margaret Amoss:    A little yoga
04:25:34    Jackie Viramontez:    water plants!
04:25:35    John Hutcherson:    Contemplation
04:25:37    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    eat and relax
04:25:38    Ingrid Gerrits:    go for a walk
04:25:41    Carrie Radnov:    eat and walk outside.  not check phone!
04:25:42    Lisa:    Take a walk
04:25:44    Liz Shelley:    Eat lunch and take a walk
04:25:45    Renee Duprel:    eat and sick on my back patio in the sun!
04:25:47    bebe brezanin brusky:    raining in Pa so I will meditate
04:25:59    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    eat, go outside, I was supposed to have a zom meetimg with family at 2...should i
04:26:02    Cristina Gondolo:    dinner and walk
04:26:06    Naomi Fingerhut:    cover my patio plants to protect from snow tonight!
04:26:07    Eugenia Barton:    Eat. Go outside. Not check phone. Have fun.
04:26:08    Carrie Barlow:    see if my kids want to do a dance party!
04:26:14    nicolehaltman:    Deep breathing and eat!
04:26:17    Jackie Viramontez:    love that carrie!
04:26:21    jamesschwarz:    We will eat and take a walk looking at the mountains!
04:26:21    Tamara's iPad:    raining in NJ, so enjoy lunch and play with my dogs!
04:26:33    Jackie Viramontez:    Be back at 12 PT/ 3pm EST
05:39:57    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    When someone doesn’t listen, but rushes in with a solution
05:40:02    bebe brezanin brusky:    when my husband asks me the same question I had just answered
05:40:23    Jennifer Jackson:    Oh Bebe, same!!
05:40:58    Jennifer Jackson:    He's better now that he's slowed down with Shelter in Place
05:41:11    Carrie Barlow:    when there is pee on the toilet (there are 3 boys and me in the house)!!
05:41:16    Mary Peterson:    i see you Laurie
05:41:58    nicolehaltman:    When I’m on the phone with my dad and he’s having a conversation with my mom. He isn’t present to me.
05:42:35    Margaret Amoss:    When my husband expresses irritation at me for no reason
05:42:45    bebe brezanin brusky:    please repeat the 3 things to write down
05:43:09    John Hutcherson:    People who don't proof the emails they send
05:43:57    Liz Shelley:    Sometimes my husband’s tone of voice makes me defensive.   Anger, heaviness in my  chest  8
05:44:10    Renee Duprel:    I think it's because folks are unmuted.....
05:44:12    Mary Peterson:    Husband planning house work without including me
05:44:20    Tamara's iPad:    mother in law not being able to be silent...irritation, chest constriction, 8
05:44:28    Cristina Gondolo:    My daughter saying she’s going to spend the day with me and then she sleeps until 1pm takes a 2h shower and sees friends ‘shortly’ before and after dinner. And she still believes she spent the day with me …
05:44:29    Mary Peterson:    Anger
05:44:44    Mary Peterson:    an 8 in my chest
05:45:22    Laurie:    When people who are in small groups not properly socially distancing properly
05:46:13    Renee Duprel:    When my mom tells me 'you're so sensitive' when I get upset about our unhealthy family dynamics. Throat/chest tightness. 8
05:46:28    Laurie:    sorry about the typo's
05:47:02    Carrie Radnov:    husband asks question I just answered then gives me "that look"
05:57:18    Carrie Radnov:    OMG.  I do the same thing to him!
05:57:23    Carrie Radnov:    6 to 0
05:57:23    bebe brezanin brusky:    6 to 1 or 2
05:57:29    Laurie:    9-2
05:57:31    Monica:    9 to 6
05:57:32    Lisa:    7 to 1
05:57:32    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    7 to 3
05:57:32    Ingrid Gerrits:    5-1
05:57:33    Cristina Gondolo:    from 9 to 4
05:57:34    Liz Shelley:    8 to 6
05:57:35    Mary Peterson:    10-2
05:57:36    nicolehaltman:    6 to 3
05:57:39    Margaret Amoss:    8 to 4
05:57:41    Eugenia Barton:    5 to 1
05:57:48    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    8to 4
05:58:05    jamesschwarz:    4 to 1
06:00:52    Mary Peterson:    Where exactly on the ribs
06:01:58    Margaret Amoss:    You said ‘I choose to feel…’ and what was the second thing?
06:02:06    Carrie Radnov:    remind myself I do it, too, and would appreciate same grace from him
06:02:19    bebe brezanin brusky:    I choose to stay neutral and answer the question...it's not personal
06:02:32    nicolehaltman:    Calm Love Compassion
06:02:45    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    I choose  to remind myself
06:02:46    Naomi Fingerhut:    I choose to let it go
06:02:52    Ingrid Gerrits:    I choose to kindly remind him he is talking with his mouth full
06:02:54    Mary Peterson:    i choose to feel free
06:03:03    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    she’s overwhelmed and its not intentional or personal
06:03:12    Tamara's iPad:    I would tell myself I’m sure I do things that annoy her
06:03:17    Margaret Amoss:    I choose to feel calm and unperturbed.
06:03:22    Jennifer Jackson:    I choose to focus on my own path
06:03:33    Liz Shelley:    I choose to take 3 deep breaths.
06:03:42    jamesschwarz:    I can breathe
06:03:45    Monica:    1) to find humor in the comment and the situation. 2) I want to remind myself that I don’t need outside approval.   I’m fine as I am.  3.) I want to feel at peace and not emotionally hijacked.
06:03:59    Eugenia Barton:    I choose to see her wonderful qualities
06:04:15    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    I choose to remind myself and accept and hold space for my son
06:04:15    Michelle Martinez:    I choose to remind myself that this is their stuff.
06:04:18    Jennifer Jackson:    I love not needing outside approval.  That is huge!
06:04:22    Liz Shelley:    I choose not to take it personally
06:12:14    Dawson Church:    I choose to catch myself before I speak.
06:12:17    Mary Peterson:    1
06:12:19    bebe brezanin brusky:    lots of room in my chest :)
06:12:19    Ingrid Gerrits:    5-1
06:12:22    Liz Shelley:    Freedom! 1
06:12:35    Mary Peterson:    Freedom
06:12:40    Laurie:    Down to ZERO
06:12:45    Tamara's iPad:    I have more love for mother in law and am grateful she took the time to come visit
06:12:46    Margaret Amoss:    1
06:13:10    Tamara's iPad:    0!
06:13:15    nicolehaltman:    Lighter 2
06:13:16    Monica:    6 to 3.  I see myself hearing what she said, realizing it wasn’t personal, maybe being curious about it.
06:13:17    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    2
06:22:31    jamesschwarz:    I realized that when I am irritated it is because I am always afraid of being late
06:42:14    Tamara's iPad:    That was wonderful Jackie, thank you!
06:43:09    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    Thank you so much...

06:56:27    Jackie Viramontez:    If you have any questions that came up, drop them in the chat because we will move into Q&A  after the break!
06:56:53    Mary Peterson:    Thank you Jackie
06:56:57    Jackie Viramontez:    (after another exercise of course ;)
07:17:27    John Hutcherson:    When and how should one integrate the 9 gamut procedure... and has the hum, count, hum been droppped
07:17:30    Naomi Fingerhut:    When I first studied with Dawson, we hummed the Birthday song while doing the eye rolls.  Is that no longer the case?
07:18:56    Eugenia Barton:    when do you switch to bilateral tapping during the regular tapping sequence
07:19:37    Eugenia Barton:    \
07:22:35    Laurie:    Is the 9 Gamut technique related to EMDR?
07:23:08    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    I have a question...
07:25:57    nicolehaltman:    I have a question as well
07:28:43    Naomi Fingerhut:    does 9 gamut work for the visually impaired?
07:29:55    Tamara's iPad:    I often do the same when I’m in the presence of a family member diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
07:32:21    Jackie Viramontez:    Mmm thats a super empowered approach tamara :)
07:32:24    jamesschwarz:    Cognitive  behaviorist believe that thought precedes sensation, is your perspective that sensation actually influence thought when someone is distressed?
07:32:43    Jackie Viramontez:    Good question Naomi! I never thought of that! We will answer that
07:35:53    Jackie Viramontez:    James, we will answer this next :)
07:36:14    Naomi Fingerhut:    thank you
07:36:52    Dawson Church:    Tor Norretranders
07:37:25    Jackie Viramontez:    The User Illusion?
07:38:41    Jackie Viramontez:    https://www.amazon.com/User-Illusion-Cutting-Consciousness-Penguin/dp/0140230122/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&qid=1588972029&refinements=p_27%3ATor+Norretranders&s=books&sr=1-2&text=Tor+Norretranders
07:39:12    Dawson Church:    Benjamin Libet
07:40:24    nicolehaltman:    Question
07:41:01    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    our conscious mind is so slow compared to our subconscious.
07:43:38    Jackie Viramontez:    boy is that right
07:54:16    bebe brezanin brusky:    cant or can change?
07:54:31    Jackie Viramontez:    Can’t change
07:54:39    Jackie Viramontez:    SO allow that voice of doubt to emerge
07:54:48    Jackie Viramontez:    This situation cant change because…
07:54:51    Dawson Church:    I’ve been this way for too long
07:54:57    Dawson Church:    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
07:55:04    Dawson Church:    People in my family are just like that
07:55:07    Jackie Viramontez:    it can’t change until they change
07:55:09    Renee Duprel:    It's been like this as long as I can remember - too deeply in-grained.
07:55:16    Dawson Church:    I don’t know any other way
07:55:21    bebe brezanin brusky:    because I will always worry about my children
07:55:21    Laurie:    I get in my own way!
07:55:23    Naomi Fingerhut:    it's too scary
07:55:28    Dawson Church:    It’s a medical diagnosis
07:55:32    Dawson Church:    It’s because I’m a Capricorn
07:55:36    Carrie Barlow:    ive tried multiple modalities and it's still an issue
07:55:43    Dawson Church:    It’s a physical fact
07:55:46    Tamara's iPad:    because it’s too difficult
07:55:48    Margaret Amoss:    Habit is so ingrained
07:55:54    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    It cant change because of the people who want to hurt us and the diagnosis but I do know they can change...
07:55:56    Laurie:    I doubt myself
07:55:58    Carrie Radnov:    everyone expects me to behave this way
07:56:04    nicolehaltman:    Part of me is afraid to change, who will I become
07:56:38    Jackie Viramontez:    I love how intone you all are about these inner voices!
07:56:46    Liz Shelley:    because it feels safer than rocking the boat.
07:56:48    Jackie Viramontez:    *in tune
07:57:16    Laurie:    What I know is easier than what I don't know
07:57:58    Michelle Martinez:    I self sabotage moving forward.
07:58:47    Cristina Gondolo:    i won’t recognise myself :-)
08:06:55    Renee Duprel:    I'll lose my protective coating.
08:07:29    Jackie Viramontez:    lose my voice
08:07:43    Carrie Radnov:    excuses
08:30:48    Jackie Viramontez:    beautiful!
08:31:00    Jackie Viramontez:    It was such a pleasure to meet everyone!
08:31:15    Carrie Radnov:    Thank you!
08:31:22    bebe brezanin brusky:    Thank you so much! wonderful!
08:31:27    Lynn.Kaplan@baruch.cuny.edu:    Thank you for today!
08:31:28    Dawson Church:    Support@eftuniverse.com
08:31:30    Naomi Fingerhut:    wonderful!  Thank you so much!
08:31:30    Margaret Amoss:    Thanks to you all. It was what I needed. Wish I could have really met everyone present!
08:31:32    Carrie Barlow:    thank you dawson and jackie and everyone!!!  so amazing!!
08:31:40    donnaterry1@hotmail.ca:    Thank you for this so awesome!! You are so generous!!
08:31:41    Lisa:    Blessings to everyone! Thank you!
08:31:47    Jennifer Jackson:    Thank you!  This was lovely!
08:31:48    Jackie Viramontez:    If you want to know more about anything just contact me!
08:31:50    Monica:    Thank you.  This was great.  Are you planning on doing another weekend retreat like you did last month?
08:31:56    Renee Duprel:    Thanks, Dawson and Jackie! This was just what I needed during this time. More online training!
08:31:58    Cristina Gondolo:    THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVED IT and yes LOTS OF INSPIRATION!!!
08:32:16    Michelle Martinez:    Thank you!!  It was an awesome day!
08:32:23    Tamara's iPad:    Thank you Dawson and Jackie! it was wonderful, and yes...please let me know about any future certification programs. I’ve been considering it for some time now (as Jackie knows)!
08:32:24    nicolehaltman:    Thank you! What a special group of people I had the opportunity to spend today with.
08:32:26    Laurie:    Amazing and thank you
08:32:27    Jackie Viramontez:    I was picturing be the Schwarz when I grow up!