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You are invited to apply for an extraordinary experience, in which you’ll combine cutting edge techniques from brain science with ancient spiritual practices.

Tapping Mindfulness is an exclusive group of 12 special people who come together for a year’s journey with Dawson Church, PhD, author of the acclaimed science books Mind to Matter and Genie in Your Genes, and his top trainers.

The Tapping Mindfulness program includes 3 exclusive in-person weekend retreats with Dawson, his wife Christine, and guest faculty. A private online group and regular teleseminars support you releasing the blocks that hold you back from your potential in each area of your life. Whether that’s love, money, health, career, play, or spirituality, you’ll practice evidence-based techniques that are scientifically proven to be effective.

In the Tapping Mindfulness program, you get a substantial amount of personal time with one of the most respected researchers (and inspiring teachers) in the world. Dawson’s studies have validated techniques that reduce stress hormones like cortisol, raise levels of health markers like immunoglobulin A, and turn on key health genes. They increase the brain waves associated with longevity, creativity, productivity, calmness, and problem-solving ability. He has inspired millions of people to transformational change.

For this reason, the Tapping Mindfulness program requires a substantial investment of time and money.

Brain Training

Brain training in acquiring peak states in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Happy Group of people

Master sommelier palate training in Bordeaux, France, with guest faculty including Dr. Joe Dispenza and Lissa Rankin, MD.

A Remarkable Opportunity to Work Personally With Dawson Church

Dawson has trained thousands of practitioners and master trainers over the past decade. Many people have asked for private sessions with him, but the official policy of his organization, Energy Psychology Group, is that Dawson does not work with individual clients. That’s because there has not been the space in his traveling and teaching schedule to work in-depth with individuals.

However, in the Tapping Mindfulness experience, the team at Energy Psychology Group has scheduled blocks of personal time with Dawson. This gives you the rare opportunity to work privately, one-on-one, with Dawson. You also have access to his master teachers. The only people to work personally with Dawson on this deep level are those who are accepted into the Tapping Mindfulness program.

French Vineyard TourVineyard Tour of organic wine estate Château Bardins in Cadaujac, France, with owner Cécile.

Past and present guest faculty include Jack Canfield, Dr. Lissa Rankin, John Gray, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Donna Eden, and Joan Borysenko.

Hawaii Retreat Center

Luxury gourmet vegan retreat in Hawaii with dolphin swims, lava caves, sound healing, labyrinth walks, Thai massage.

The extraordinary retreat sites include the huge private California ranch of a #1 best-selling author, the lakeside mansion of the founder of the largest business network in the world, and the Hawaii estate of a nineteenth-century sugar baron.

What you get in the Tapping Mindfulness experience:

The retreat is very carefully structured to provide you with the most positive experience possible. Each day has a theme, and they build on each other.

  • Three exclusive weekend retreats in extraordinary luxury venues in the US and Europe, with all accommodations and meals included
  • Personal sessions with Dawson
  • Regular webinars with Dawson and guest faculty
  • A year’s membership of the private online group in which Dawson and his trainers provide guidance, coaching, and access to the latest scientific research
  • VIP seating at Dawson’s live events such as Turning Thoughts to Things
  • Access to all Dawson’s online programs for health, weight loss, love relationships, spirituality, meditation, and personal development
  • Charitable contribution to the Veterans Stress Project
  • Bonding with a group of fun, heart-filled, motivated, and spiritual companions

The gifts you receive by being part of a group of people that have this level of commitment to their own transformation can change your life forever. The deep bonding people experience inthe Tapping Mindfulness experience often leads to lifetime friendships.


Sunset champagne party in Paris, France at exclusive private rooftop hot tub venue.

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