Tapping in Place Virtual Workshop Video Replay
Chat Messages
Day 1
01:47:36    Brian:    Academy award
01:47:44    Brian:    lol
02:02:29    Dawson Church:    Much more relaxed
02:02:32    Monica:    More relaxed
02:02:32    Mary S.:    I feel happier.
02:02:34    Sandy:    relaxed
02:02:36    Mary Anne:    Enlivened
02:02:38    Carrie Radnov:    open, anticipating
02:02:40    Dawson Church:    deeper breathing
02:02:41    Erica Ross-Krieger:    lighter
02:02:43    Bonny McCormick:    Feel energy flowing
02:02:43    Bev (EA):    The tightness in my upper chest is totally gone
02:02:49    Brian:    From 7-8 to 1-2
02:02:49    Mary S.:    Yes, enlivened.
02:02:54    Karen Huang:    More sleepy
02:02:56    Yumi Yuge:    I’m feeling more emotional.
02:03:03    Sandy Abrams:    Still feel sleepy but at the same time more energized
02:03:04    alix howard-jones:    peaceful
02:03:05    Katie’s iPad:    I feel so expanded & uplifted!
02:03:08    Yumi Yuge:    less sleepy
02:03:09    Mary S.:    i’m feeling excited…yay!!!
02:03:16    kat:    centered
02:03:19    Jane Stegner:    excited for a new future. Thanks Dawson
02:03:33    Mary S.:    Happy to be here. :)
02:04:41    Dawson Church:    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e7_xVRIiwgXaSO8shj5M1qAsk-M8aGgj/edit
02:28:35    Dawson Church:    Deep peace
02:28:38    alix howard-jones:    calm
02:28:39    Mary S.:    sleepy
02:28:45    Mary S.:    relaxed
02:28:48    Katie’s iPad:    I am space!
02:28:48    Mary Anne:    Relaxed, centered, full.
02:28:49    Carrie Radnov:    so alive, healthy, grateful for my Dad
02:28:54    Erica Ross-Krieger:    peacefully set
02:28:56    Sandy Abrams:    don't want to move
02:28:59    Yumi Yuge:    calm peaceful relaxed
02:29:08    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    Clear-headed, sensitive
02:29:23    kat:    Good
02:29:27    Bev (EA):    Calm
02:30:38    Erica Ross-Krieger:    how long is break?
02:30:48    Seth (Tech Support):    15 minutes
02:30:55    Seth (Tech Support):    Ok 30 minutes
03:28:09    Brian:    which book?
03:34:14    Dawson Church:    Ecker
03:34:18    Mary S.:    I think my scripts were less about money and more about my own worthiness and abilities.
03:34:25    kat:    My dad was a minister - I was taught it is better to give than receive.
03:34:25    Seth (Tech Support):    https://www.amazon.com/Unlocking-Emotional-Brain-Eliminating-Reconsolidation/dp/0415897173
03:34:59    Sandy:    father's  belief in limitation and resentment of other's success
03:35:00    Brian:    thank you.. and is that where i can find that visual on the neurons connecting?? that's powerful visual
03:35:14    alix howard-jones:    what I heard often was "we can't afford it"
03:35:26    Brian:    that's the book - this Brain!
03:35:26    Mary Anne:    Rich people were unethical, and money is for other people.
03:35:27    Bev (EA):    Mother never believed my Father gave her all the money he earned.  He worked all the time and should have given her more.
03:35:35    Dawson Church:    Bliss Brain
03:35:40    Brian:    ok got it!!!
03:36:42    Erica Ross-Krieger:    my scripts were that you had to work very very hard for money and very very hard to save and hold on to it.
03:36:43    Brian:    Money doesnt grow on trees
03:37:01    Sandy Abrams:    I don't  recall any that about money but the feeling I get as I think about it is this that we cad enough money for what need most of the time but only occasional enough to have luxuries.  We are not wealthy or even what is called comfortable.
03:37:16    Seth (Tech Support):    Money is the root of all evil
03:37:31    Monica:    People who were raised with money have it more together than those who weren’t
03:38:17    Carrie Radnov:    It's okay to spend it because we can always make more.  Money is meant to be enjoyed and debt is absolutely okay.
03:38:26    Jane Mackay:    I’m not sure what the stories were. I think they’re embedded deep in my brain. We had a comfortable life. I remember being thrilled to split a bottle of pop with my sister!
03:38:26    Sandy Abrams:    Money is only good if you do good things with it.
03:38:33    Bonny:    The only way a woman can have money is to marry rich
03:38:55    Brian:    the camel one... to get thru eye of needle than rich man...
03:39:09    Yumi Yuge:    money leads to unhappiness. must rely on God. my parents were ministers.
03:39:32    Karen Huang:    Money is a tool to get what you want
03:39:50    Carrie Radnov:    giving generously to the point of irresponsibility
03:40:30    Katie’s iPad:    men make money...women can not make money or have a career...
03:40:58    Jenn Chrisman:    I grew up with a script that there rich people in the world and we were NOT them and we never would be.
03:41:06    Karen Huang:    I think of money is a way of leverage just like hiring people to do what you want them to do.
03:41:09    Mary Anne:    There’s a limit to how much you can make. Good luck!
03:41:11    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    poor is scary, we were lucky to get out, only safe way to be secure is to be associated with school in some way, father is the money savior for us and everyone who isn't so lucky
03:42:49    Erica Ross-Krieger:    All was well with money until my parents divorce (I was 7) and then it was scarce and we went from one socio-economic level to a lower one. and it became “we don’t have enough now and we never will, it’s not in the cards for us.”
03:43:38    Carrie Radnov:    Money is a roller-coaster.  Large amounts of money always leads to a setback.
03:43:45    Brian:    i can have a good job, not a Successful business isn't for me
03:45:03    Karen Huang:    We should use money as a tool not to let it control our lives
03:45:22    Mary Anne:    I have to have a steady, good job to survive/have enough money.
03:45:54    Karen Huang:    I see success as doing what you love instead of the amount of money you have made
03:47:01    Bonny:    ok another feminist one - if you're a woman with a good career you will always be alone, no man will want you
03:47:19    Sandy Abrams:    is is not really to pray for lots of money. Pray for for more better way prayers.
03:47:52    diahlowalker:    I realized the TV shows I watched as a kid also greatly shaped my view of people with money. Wealthy people and rich kids were often villainized as bullies and very entitled
03:48:30    Sandy Abrams:    not good to pray for money,
03:50:48    Mary S.:    Will we work on changing set=point or threshold?
03:55:57    Jane Mackay:    Where do I find these?
03:56:09    Erica Ross-Krieger:    where is exercise 3??
03:56:36    kat:    same place exercise 2 was - click on left column
03:57:29    Jenn Chrisman:    but it doesn’t stay
03:57:31    Bev (EA):    No it doesn't
03:57:36    Mary Anne:    When I focus on creating it.
03:57:37    Jane Stegner:    don't be silly
03:57:38    Carrie Radnov:    "only so much" "flows right back out"
03:57:40    diahlowalker:    Not for me
03:57:42    Bonny:    No it doesn't
03:57:46    Mary S.:    But I block it.
03:58:04    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    yes it does, but tightly because it might try to own me
03:58:14    Brian:    be for real
03:58:54    Sandy:    somethimes
03:59:06    Bev (EA):    but somehow I block it
03:59:08    Jane Stegner:    but you're not getting it.
03:59:11    Carrie Radnov:    "define plenty"
03:59:12    Mary S.:    but what about people who don’t have food.
03:59:23    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    the takers take it
04:00:06    Mary Anne:    the Exercises are in the chat at 8:58am
04:00:09    Dawson Church:    …. except me
04:00:13    Sandy Abrams:    I do believe that is really enough for everyone
04:00:24    Monica:    …but they’re a lot of people who still don’t have enough.
04:00:25    Brian:    only for the few... the rest have to make do with less
04:00:29    Karen Huang:    There’s plenty of money for everyone because there’s always opportunities
04:01:44    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    this one came fast: only if i'm rotten
04:01:57    Carrie Radnov:    no, I don't believe that
04:01:59    Dawson Church:    What does money have to do with spirituality
04:02:00    Jenn Chrisman:    it’s not spiritual to want the nice things and lifestyle I want
04:02:11    Brian:    no way
04:02:20    Yumi Yuge:    and the less you have the more spiritual you are.
04:02:29    Mary Anne:    My limitations are about me.
04:02:45    Jenn Chrisman:    my desires are excessive and therefore not spiritual
04:03:04    Erica Ross-Krieger:    ditto to Jenn
04:03:12    Sandy Abrams:    the money I earn is a measure of how many people I help in my work.
04:03:13    Carrie Radnov:    If I have more, I can give more
04:03:52    Monica:    …, so if I have more than my share, I’m not in sync with my spiritual values.
04:04:11    Mary S.:    Oprah
04:05:08    Karen Huang:    As your money grow, your live style changes, so yes I believe the amount of money can afford you more valuable things
04:05:33    Carrie Radnov:    But maybe I don't think I'm worthy of keeping it for myself.
04:06:49    Mary Anne:    once in a blue moon
04:06:58    kat:    Unexpected money has come to me - just not often enough.
04:07:03    Brian:    somebody else needs it more
04:07:05    Bonny:    Great - when?
04:07:12    Sandy Abrams:    I keep affirming that is true but it rarely happens
04:07:12    Jenn Chrisman:    but nothing substantial…I received a check recently for $0.40!!
04:07:17    Monica:    …, but I haven’t earned it, so I can’t be comfortable with having it.
04:07:25    Carrie Radnov:    Sometimes. . . but I don't expect it to.  Duh.
04:08:00    Karen Huang:    Lol…I recently received an unexpected money for nearly $4000 in my bank account
04:08:16    Erica Ross-Krieger:    yes, but not in fun ways…a lawsuit settlement, etc…so now I affirm it comes in delightfully unexpected ways:)
04:08:22    Mary S.:    But I have to work hard for it.
04:08:26    Isabella:    never!!
04:10:46    Mary S.:    Even if I have it, I feel guilty about how I’ve spent it.
04:10:55    Mary S.:    Like buying dinner.
04:11:00    Sandy Abrams:              I want to get unexpected money or other ways to get money without having to earn it. I am almost 86 years old and don't want to work.
04:11:56    Jenn Chrisman:    but like so many other relationships it is toxic, clingy, and codependent!
04:12:07    Carrie Radnov:    Sounds ridiculous. . . but why?
04:12:39    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    it's true *and* i'm feel shame about the feeling of wanting it or that desire...unseemly
04:12:43    Monica:    I really wish that I felt this way.
04:12:48    Karen Huang:    I love to look at money as a tool of leverage but not to possess it
04:12:58    Brian:    it's not right
04:13:10    Mary Anne:    that relationship doesn’t exist on that level, no emotion
04:13:16    Erica Ross-Krieger:    tail ender:  yes but I tend to push it away
04:14:47    Dawson Church:    I love money and money loves me: TE: It’s true but that’s betraying my father’s memory
04:16:47    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    I need thehost to unmute me
04:17:05    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    I can't unmute myself :-)
04:18:09    Christa Ritchey:    I'm going to break out with my colleague:)
04:25:51    kat:    so how do we do this if we are all muted?
04:32:06    kat:    NO - we were all muted
06:08:24    Erica Ross-Krieger:    love that! The no-local universe and the non local mind
06:14:20    diahlowalker:    wow!
06:14:33    Brian:    that's awesome
06:16:25    Dawson Church:    Between despair and desperation
06:16:45    Dawson Church:    Pretending to be happy but secretly miserable
06:16:52    Dean:    unsafe
06:16:59    Dawson Church:    Public and private face
06:17:21    Carrie Radnov:    Love, cooperation and competition, Laughing, supportive and teasing
06:17:28    Monica:    Between anxiety and keeping it together
06:17:35    Mary Anne:    not all children are created equal. My Mom had her favorites. Public: smile and make nice. Private: needs not getting met.
06:17:42    Katie’s iPad:    fear, insecurity, & who am I?
06:17:43    Jane Mackay:    scared, I’m not good enough, I’m stupid
06:17:49    Deborah:    Fear of the unknown at home due to alcoholic parents.  All looked good to the outside world.
06:18:19    diahlowalker:    depression, perfectionistic, looking good to church members
06:18:26    Isabella:    My father was very dominant
06:18:29    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    drive, aspiration, very future oriented, sense of always moving, trying to get somewhere (underneath: fear, sense of unworthiness, can't really relax, have to prove worthiness)
06:18:31    Erica Ross-Krieger:    struggle, fear, sad, keeping head above water
06:18:44    Bonny:    pretense that we're a close family
06:19:01    Carrie Radnov:    perfectionism
06:19:14    Karen Huang:    Argumentative and money obsession
06:19:22    Yumi Yuge:    Pretending happiness and denial of dysfunctional behavior.
06:19:41    Mary S.:    Pretending we have it all together
06:19:51    Mary S.:    Stiff upper lip
06:19:57    Erica Ross-Krieger:    secret-keeping
06:20:26    Christa Ritchey:    The buffer
06:20:28    Katie’s iPad:    I wanted to live withRoy Rogers & Dale Evans!
06:21:53    Dawson Church:    Envy
06:21:59    Dawson Church:    Desperation
06:21:59    Karen Huang:    Feeling they are judgmental and materialistic
06:22:06    Yumi Yuge:    shame
06:22:15    diahlowalker:    Money is not spiritual.
06:22:36    Karen Huang:    I would tell myself that I will never want to be like them - judgmental and materialistic
06:22:59    Dean:    Money didn’t get talked about much
06:23:12    Bonny:    worry, there's never enough
06:23:20    Christa Ritchey:    Very derogatory toward people who had money because of envy.
06:23:20    Carrie Radnov:    important to look like the wealthy relatives --pride--even when we weren't
06:23:52    Erica Ross-Krieger:    desperation, feeling lesser-than, never enough, anger, resentment, fear of loss of it,
06:23:55    Karen Huang:    That’s law of attractive - fake it until you make it
06:24:28    Deborah:    Keep your job even if its not satisfying because jobs are hard to get.  No opportunities.
06:24:36    Jenn Chrisman:    both my mom and grandma seemed to wear our poverty as a badge of honor and I was always so ashamed and embarrassed when they announced “we can’t afford that” in the middle of a store
06:25:21    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    that's where we are *supposed* to be ..we're over here (average money) but when you really make it, you're over there (big/big money)
06:25:22    Brian:    only supposed to have enough to live by / get by anything more is greed
06:25:31    Jenn Chrisman:    I need to be unmuted
06:27:04    Karen Huang:    I had the same exact experience too
06:39:46    Seth (Tech Support):    wow
06:45:09    Brian:    Nice  Thank you
06:45:18    Carrie Radnov:    thank you, Jenn.
06:45:20    Seth (Tech Support):    Thanks Jenn. This was wonderful
06:45:23    Mary Anne:    thank you, Jenn.
06:45:26    Isabella:    thx
06:45:43    Deborah:    Thank you Jenn!
07:03:26    Carrie Radnov:    That was great
07:03:42    Erica Ross-Krieger:    powerful!!!
07:03:42    Yumi Yuge:    big hug to you Tosh
07:03:58    Tosh Patterson:    TY for your support!
07:04:00    kat:    Thank you!
07:04:08    Bonny:    I'm completely kicked out of this thing
07:04:43    Sandy Abrams:    What do you mean Bonny
07:05:13    Bonny:    Nothing's working don't know why - got the first breakout to work with audio, now nothing is working
07:05:37    Sandy Abrams:    can you ask for help?
07:05:40    Bonny:    I can hear Dawson but the breakout sessions are a bust
07:05:53    Bonny:    I did
07:06:12    Sandy Abrams:    good!
07:06:15    Bonny:    Did that as well
07:16:31    Bev (EA):    successful
07:16:42    Deborah:    NOT THAT GOOD
07:16:45    Mary Anne:    Powerful, in alignment.
07:16:55    Dean:    rich
07:16:59    Jenn Chrisman:    free
07:16:59    Sandy Abrams:    it means that I am totally unlimited financially
07:17:09    Dawson Church:    A successful author
07:17:20    Yumi Yuge:    generous
07:17:27    Carrie Radnov:    courageous
07:17:43    Erica Ross-Krieger:    competent
07:17:44    Karen Huang:    capable
07:17:57    Sandy Abrams:    can make any contributions and maybe start a foundation.
07:18:03    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    that I did it (fulfilled the promise/my duty)
07:18:03    diahlowalker:    Fulfilling my potential
07:18:42    Carrie Radnov:    blessing others
07:19:20    Karen Huang:    Too aveage
07:19:20    Jenn Chrisman:    excessive
07:19:24    Carrie Radnov:    small
07:19:26    Mary S.:    small
07:19:32    Karen Huang:    Too average
07:19:39    Sandy Abrams:    don't understand what you are asking
07:19:40    Brian:    too much
07:19:43    Mary Anne:    Unknown in origin.
07:19:44    Dean:    Too far away
07:19:44    Yumi Yuge:    unrealistic
07:20:00    Monica:    Too high
07:20:00    Bonny:    impossible
07:20:01    Jane Mackay:    small
07:20:05    Brian:    greedy
07:20:06    Erica Ross-Krieger:    big-shot-ish
07:20:17    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    too hungry, greedy, too much like those (celebrity jerk) people
07:20:50    Mary S.:    Interesting to me
07:20:56    Bev (EA):    Unachievable
07:20:59    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    pious
07:21:04    kat:    fixed in stone
07:21:06    Bonny:    reachable
07:21:10    Mary Anne:    unrealistic
07:21:13    Dean:    realistic for now
07:21:15    Jenn Chrisman:    realistic
07:21:16    Carrie Radnov:    possible given my current beliefs
07:21:36    diahlowalker:    not impossible
07:21:39    Erica Ross-Krieger:    possible, not spiritual
07:21:44    Sandy Abrams:    this number I notone I can imaging yet
07:22:04    Dawson Church:    Make me happier than I am today
07:22:13    Karen Huang:    This number can never be unreachable
07:22:16    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    be achieved unless I change
07:22:19    Dean:    be real for me
07:22:22    Mary S.:    make up for how i feel about myself
07:22:25    Erica Ross-Krieger:    can never be “enough”
07:22:25    Carrie Radnov:    change me at my essential core
07:22:38    Sandy Abrams:    can never be told to anyone else
07:22:55    Katie’s iPad:    define who I am
07:23:03    Mary Anne:    happen without me focusing on achieving it, acquiring it.
07:23:40    Mary S.:    Thanks for mentioning play. It feels loaded
07:23:54    Karen Huang:    Possible!
07:23:57    Katie’s iPad:    exoand
07:24:00    Mary S.:    grow
07:24:10    Bonny:    hard to conceive
07:24:18    Brian:    be a dream
07:24:19    Dean:    be out of reach
07:24:28    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    scare me a little
07:24:30    Erica Ross-Krieger:    be a fantasy in my imagination only
07:24:38    Mary Anne:    be changing.
07:24:44    Isabella:    nice to have
07:25:03    Sandy Abrams:    always be a fantasy until I change
07:25:04    Carrie Radnov:    be a reflection of my sense of worthiness and is achievable
07:25:13    diahlowalker:    allow me to contribute to others and allow for self expression
07:27:16    Sandy Abrams:    lower gut.  6. tells me I need to work on myself.
07:28:38    Sandy Abrams:    but it would be nice to be able to afford a 75 million dollar yacht.
07:29:05    Carrie Radnov:    my husband would be furious if I racked up debt again. . . so I don't
07:29:20    Sandy Abrams:    the meaning of this debt is that it is the only debt we have and it is for a car replacement after the fire.
07:29:21    Mary Anne:    my money is fluid. I’m worth investing in.
07:29:29    Dean:    Lack of freedom
07:29:34    Carrie Radnov:    I respect his need for security
07:29:36    Jane Mackay:    Others have trusted me with loaning me money
07:29:37    Karen Huang:    The meaning of this number is my responsibility. The result of this number is that I am capable of being success
07:29:37    Bonny:    I can never retire
07:29:40    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    I've squandered resources and opportunities
07:29:50    Brian:    been irresponsible
07:29:57    Sandy Abrams:    we are managing better and being responsible.
07:30:44    Erica Ross-Krieger:    we’ve come a long way
07:31:10    Dean:    Behind in life
07:31:11    Bonny:    stuck
07:31:11    Karen Huang:    The result of this number is that I am capable of being success
07:31:17    Dawson Church:    am feeling burdened
07:31:19    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    forever chasing things, overwhelmed, work too much
07:31:22    Carrie Radnov:    I am more responsible with money than I used to be. . . imagine that!
07:32:11    diahlowalker:    I feel tight and restricted
07:32:19    Sandy Abrams:    the meaning of this debt is that we can see when we will be debt free.
07:32:56    Karen Huang:    I feel resistance at 2 on my upper back
07:33:01    Sandy Abrams:    Have a 2 about the debt since it is our only debt. Would love to retire that sooner.
07:33:26    Katie’s iPad:    1-2...no discomfort
07:43:46    Carrie Radnov:    "gifts" with strings attached
07:46:37    Dawson Church:    Income
Dark Money
07:46:56    Dawson Church:    Dark Money: Disability Payments, Inheritances, Settlements, Alimony, Trust Funds, Lottery Winnings
07:49:36    Dawson Church:    The Great Depression of 1932 shaped financial consciousness for generations. How did you do in The Great Recession of 2008? What beliefs did you acquire? How did you do in the 2020 Coronavirus Crash?
07:50:18    Sandy Abrams:    2008 had no effect on us.  We got out of the stock market just in time so lost no money and no income.  Feel very blessed.
07:50:18    Erica Ross-Krieger:    this corona virus macro event is having some impact too…. will be tapping on this
07:52:10    Dawson Church:    Money and Society: Beliefs about Government, Taxes, Corporations, Wall Street, Old Money, New Money.
07:54:04    Dawson Church:    5 min break to journal about this
08:00:07    Mary Anne:    I’ve lost financial ground because of these events and will never be able to regain it. Until I tap about it!
08:00:30    Sandy Abrams:    The government has been totally irresponsible in their expenditures.
08:01:08    Bev (EA):    Have gotten very upset about money situation by looking at debt, dark money, gov't, etc.  Was fine in 2008 until I was still operating from my belief that money is bad and I have to get rid of it.  And then I did -- it was all gone and we had to borrow.  Feeling pretty hopeless, almost helpless, desperate, sad, fearful and angry.  Are we going to tap soon?  A lot?
08:01:28    Dawson Church:    Conspiracy theor
08:02:07    Katie’s iPad:    it feels we are more than ever in the unknown...don’t know what to trust, especially related to the stock market...how are the next 3 eclipses within the next few months going to impact us...
08:02:33    Dean:    I feel conflicted hoping for a big shift , maybe a money reset
08:02:50    Katie’s iPad:    two lunar & 1 solar
08:03:30    Sandy Abrams:    Wall street really need extremely tight regulations as do banks and other financial institutation.
08:03:57    Brian:    Conflict: People who have money have it made.. but people who have money lose their way.. Operating from I don't need money.. so it listened
08:04:25    Sandy Abrams:    I personally rarely have any worry about almost anything.  I avoid the news for the most part unless it is something that will allow me to make a difference.
08:05:02    Carrie Radnov:     My friend taught me to look at taxes as a cost of doing business.  My "overhead" is about to go way, way up.
08:05:04    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    in 2008, laid off from tech startup … developed a dislike for dominance and mercenary behavior of tech industry
08:06:40    Dawson Church:    Grey metal shield in chest, 6
08:06:42    Karen Huang:    No effects on my body
08:06:59    Mary S.:    I feel like shit. Feel like checking out. 8 out of 10
08:07:00    Erica Ross-Krieger:    frontal head pressure, 6
08:07:03    Mary Anne:    Weight on my shoulders 7
08:07:11    Sandy Abrams:    have developed a large panel of stress in my upper gut ever since the first breakout. Not sure what that could mean.  About a 7.
08:07:12    Carrie Radnov:    breath constriction 7
08:07:13    Sandy:    shoulders 7
08:07:19    Brian:    8-9/10 constricted navel
08:07:24    Monica:    Armored up and compression of that weight.  8
08:07:49    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    blue red cold fire on front of chest (anger? sadness?) 7
08:07:53    Katie’s iPad:    feel super anxious...9...tightness...constricted...
08:08:16    Dean:    costricted
08:08:35    Dean:    constricted
08:21:07    Brian:    Powerful Go ahead and tell it! Lynea
08:22:48    Sandy Abrams:    sending many giant hugs to you Lynea
08:23:35    Deborah:    cant hear you
08:24:07    Brian:    i didn't know about that technique in EFT lol
08:27:48    Sandy:    Great work Lynda ❤
08:33:53    Mary S.:    That was courageous of you to go through in front of us. Thank you. It was great!
08:34:33    Brian:    Thank you Lynea.. That was indeed courageous
08:35:18    Carrie Radnov:    Borrowing benefits!
08:35:54    Seth (Tech Support):    Great sessions today!!
08:36:24    Jenn Chrisman:    Thank you, everyone!
08:37:09    Seth (Tech Support):    Any one who needs tech support stay on this meeting here and I can spend some time with you troubleshooting any audio issues or anything else.
08:38:35    Erica Ross-Krieger:    Thank you for great sessions today :)
08:38:42    Carrie Radnov:    Thank you!!!!
08:38:50    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    Thank you, everyone!
08:38:52    kat:    Thank you, everyone.
08:38:57    Dean:    Thanks to everyone ❤️
08:38:57    Yumi Yuge:    thank you!!!!!!
08:39:08    Jane Stegner:    THANK YOU Everyone here.
08:39:09    Sue:    Thank you everyone!!
08:39:13    Monica:    Thank you.  This was so helpful.  I received quite a bit of borrowed benefits.
08:39:15    Mary S.:    Thank you so much everyone. Dawson and partners.
08:39:16    Erica Ross-Krieger:    <3
08:39:17    Sandy Abrams:    It really does take a lot of courage to be that open and vulnerable.  Thank yu so much!!!
08:39:24    Bev (EA):    THANKS -- Very courageous and makes a huge contribution to everyone
08:39:29    Katie’s iPad:    😊...thank you❣️
08:39:30    Dawson Church:    Thanks so much Jen and Lynea!
08:39:37    Brian:    Thank you Jenn & Lynea i gained some insights as welll…
08:39:46    Yumi Yuge:    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
08:39:47    Erica Ross-Krieger:    ❤️
08:39:48    Dawson Church:    Their tapping sessions helped me.
08:39:49    Karen Huang:    Thanks for all the participations and time together!
08:39:49    Brian:    Thanks all
08:39:58    Carrie Radnov:    What a wonderful day--so much to process and integrate!  All good.
08:40:01    Jane Mackay:    Thank you!
08:40:01    Mary Anne:    Wonderful session. Thanks!
08:40:03    Dawson Church:    Jen, my father died the same month your mother died, August of last year.
08:40:08    Erica Ross-Krieger:    ❤️ copy mine and paste
08:40:09    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    Thank you, Dawson and all! Looking forward to a great day with everyone tomorrow.
08:40:18    diahlowalker:    Awesome session. Thank you so much!
Day 2
01:08:45    Mary S.:    Thank you beautiful Dawson.
01:35:56    Mary S.:    Also with non-dominant hand?
01:36:02    Bev (EA):    Still with non dominant hand?
01:36:58    Brian:    family as we grew up? or family now with children?
01:38:04    Dawson Church:    Are the people bigger or smaller than the $ sign?
01:38:41    Dawson Church:    Is anyone touching the $ sign?
01:39:16    Dawson Church:    Where are the biggest white spaces?
01:39:49    Dawson Church:    Is there anyone missing?
01:40:45    Dawson Church:    Where are you in the picture?
01:41:48    Dawson Church:    Who’s the closest to the $ sign?
01:42:22    Mary S.:    should we be writing down these answers?
01:42:44    Dawson Church:    Who’s the furthest?
01:43:05    Carrie Radnov:    +
01:45:45    Sandy Abrams:    Good morning.  Will we get a way to plan for our prosperity if we do not want to be working at a job or business?  As I mentioned earlier, at age 86 I want the money/things without having to work  for money any more.  Volunteer work and contributing is where I would like to be.
01:49:37    Dawson Church:    Please join your breakout room if you haven’t already
02:04:55    Jane Stegner:    can't unmute myself
02:05:04    Seth (Tech Support):    Or raise your hand
02:12:37    Dawson Church:    7>2
02:12:53    Bonny McCormick:    7 - 5
02:12:54    Monica:    From a 8 to a 6
02:12:59    Sandy:    2-0
02:13:00    Sandy Abrams:    2   -   4
02:13:00    Bev (EA):    5 to 2
02:13:01    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    5>3
02:13:03    Dean:    8. 4
02:13:05    Katie’s iPad:    10-5
02:13:05    Brian:    5 to 3
02:13:07    Mary S.:    4-2
02:13:08    Isabella:    5 to 3
02:13:09    Yumi Yuge:    1-0
02:13:09    Karen Huang:    2 -6
02:13:17    Jane Mackay:    5-1
02:13:17    Mary Anne:    I didn’t do a number, but I’m back in my body.
02:13:18    Carrie Radnov:    2 to 0
02:13:19    kat:    I had no body sensations when drawing the pic - it was just what is.
02:19:00    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    Thank you, Karen. Tapping with you on that topic was very helpful. :-)
02:19:11    Dean:    thanks
02:19:14    Brian:    Thanks Karen
02:19:21    Katie’s iPad:    yes
03:14:26    Carrie Radnov:    That was wonderful!
03:22:29    kat:    The body is fine with this # & says "It's about time"!
03:22:30    Karen Huang:    resistance at 3, and feeling excited on my chest
03:33:51    Sandy Abrams:    I didn't get the beginning instructions for this.
03:34:33    Mary S.:    Is the partner saying anything during this time
03:34:43    Erica Ross-Krieger:    do we tap along with the tapper
03:35:01    Sandy Abrams:    Imissed the reason we do this
03:35:20    Sandy Abrams:    OK. thanks
03:51:39    Seth (Tech Support):    Less than 1 minute and all rooms will automatically by closed
05:50:33    Mary S.:    Hi Seth, I signed out so I’m not sure if you saw my note that I called TD Ameritrade and they said I won’t be able to login to Think or Swim till tomorrow morning, after the system resets, as I just got my account today.
05:51:58    Carrie Radnov:    (almost) unbelievably, I've already manifested unexpected money
06:20:22    kat:    please say the names of the books again.
06:21:28    Dawson Church:    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1476757860?ie=UTF8&tag=energypsych00-20
06:21:30    Deborah:    just ordered them!  Thanks Dawson!
06:22:00    Dawson Church:    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1501164597?ie=UTF8&tag=energypsych00-20
06:22:55    Erica Ross-Krieger:    https://freecopy.unshakeable.com has a free copy of Unshakeable for jus $7.95 shipping:)
06:30:11    Bonny McCormick:    I’m in Germany and need to get up early for work - it’s almost 10pm here. Signing off, good night everyone, and thank you!
06:30:32    Brian:    about 16k
06:32:14    Dawson Church:    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0307336840?ie=UTF8&tag=energypsych00-20
06:44:16    Mary S.:    Dawson, how do you use this info, if you don’t know how much he bought and sold for?
06:44:45    Monica:    I just logged on to this site.  He added Untied Airlines, but not the other.
06:45:19    Monica:    He also added Delta.
06:49:15    Sandy Abrams:    this need to be a separate 1/2 day class rather than here, I think.  It is great info, but I came to learn how to get my mind to cooperate with being open to unlimited money.  This would be a great add on or follow up or extra half day.
06:50:22    Seth (Tech Support):    Alpha Delta
07:00:25    Dawson Church:    Action Items This Week:
Bookmark those sites
Subscribe to Seeking Alpha.com
Write down a time in your online calendar or journal when you will look at your favorite guru and paper trade for an hour.
Look up self-directed Roth IRAs and SEP 401ks online
Money: Master the Game and also Unshakeable by Anthony Robbins
07:01:35    Dawson Church:    BRK.B
07:03:49    Karen Huang:    How long are we going to talk about stock market? I think this is starting to drift away from the main core of the workshop
07:04:10    Dean:    I agree
07:05:08    Karen Huang:    I think there are some people already have financial advisors for investment
08:05:25    Dawson Church:    What did your HP look like?
08:05:29    Dawson Church:    2
08:05:39    Dawson Church:    What object did HP give you?
08:05:45    Dawson Church:    2
08:05:49    Dawson Church:    3
08:06:15    Dawson Church:    What advice or words?
08:06:38    Sandy Abrams:     I had no awareness of any physicality. I just felt more relaxed.  Makes me wonder if I am getting this very well. Don't know what you mean by what the higher power gave me.  I chose something that I held. No messages.
08:08:00    Carrie Radnov:    "Be not afraid.  I go before you, always."
08:08:28    Dawson Church:    I’m always here in your heart, with you
08:08:32    Mary S.:    To trust myself and trust the wisdom.
08:09:00    Erica Ross-Krieger:    “You are enough and I’m here with you. Always.”
08:09:06    Katie’s iPad:    trust & love your self/self even more
08:09:56    Sandy Abrams:    I keep hoping I will feel or hear something but nothing happens. I only hop that I wil see differences in my money experience after the class. that can help show me that I did get what I needed.
08:11:13    Seth (Tech Support):    Please fill out your post workshop surveys here > https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/tmmpost
08:11:37    Erica Ross-Krieger:    advice given: “study T&GR again with a study group:)”
08:14:55    Jane Stegner:    more please
08:15:53    Carrie Radnov:    I have already manifested unexpected money this afternoon.  It's not a lot, but I'm surprised.
08:16:52    diahlowalker:    Wow!
08:25:32    Bev (EA):    Will we be able to have access to the people in this workshop as a group?
08:26:25    Deborah:    Thank you Dawson!  Fantastic!  If we have a question about an earlier exercise, is there a place we can ask them?
08:26:31    Alix:    Thank you Dawson and everyone in the happy money tribe!
08:26:31    Jenn Chrisman:    Thank you, Dawson and everyone!!
08:26:58    Erica Ross-Krieger:    Thank you Dawson and HMTribe:)
08:27:08    Brian:    Thank you Dawson Thank you all
08:27:12    Deborah:    I'm with Bev...will we be able to stay in touch with the group?
08:27:21    Mary Anne:    Abundance for everyone! Thank you!
08:27:22    Sandy Abrams:    Thankyou Dawson
08:27:22    Carrie Radnov:    Thank you , Dawson, and the entire Happy Money tribe!
08:27:31    Seth (Tech Support):    If people want to keep in touch, please create a group and invite each other, we can not share each other’s private contact information
08:27:36    Yumi Yuge:    thank you!
08:27:48    Katie’s iPad:    ❤️
08:27:50    Seth (Tech Support):    I will send an email in the next few days.
08:27:53    Deborah:    DEborah@LivingYOungerNaturally.com
08:27:53    Seth (Tech Support):    Thanks!!
08:27:54    Karen Huang:    Thank you!
08:27:59    Seth (Tech Support):    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
08:28:03    kat:    Thank you!
08:28:04    diahlowalker:    bye everyone!!
08:28:12    Carrie Radnov:    and thank you to Seth!
08:28:23    Mary S.:    Thank you Seth!!
08:28:24    Jane Stegner:    THANK YOU !!
08:28:25    Bev (EA):    Thanks to Dawson, Seth and all of you!
08:28:27    Erica Ross-Krieger:    erica@ericarosskrieger.com cell 925-216-7719
08:28:28    Monica:    Thank you.
08:28:29    diahlowalker:    Thank you Dawson and Seth
08:28:30    Lynea Diaz-Hagan (EA):    Thank you, everyone! A pleasure. And thank you Dawson! Much gratitude :-).
08:28:35    Mary S.:    Thanks everyone…and partners who I worked with.
08:28:49    Jane Stegner:    jane.stegner@gmail.com
08:29:01    Bev (EA):    Bev@WellnessAtYourFingertips.com
08:29:07    Seth (Tech Support):    If people want to keep in touch with each other, just put your content info here. This chat will be available on the replay page that I should have up by tomorrow evening
08:29:09    Sandy Abrams:    Sandy Abrams theabrams1@gmail.com  530 321-8117
08:29:15    Dawson Church:    TappingPlace.com
08:29:18    Erica Ross-Krieger:    Seth how to create a group??? you mean thru FB?
08:29:20    Carrie Radnov:    Thank you to my Break out buddies:  Deborah, Dean, Christa, Brian.
08:29:22    Seth (Tech Support):    Https://tappingplace.com
08:29:36    Deborah:    Deborah@LivingYoungerNaturally.com 714.404.4080
08:29:52    Deborah:    Thank you breakout buddies!!! All the best to everyone!
08:29:54    Seth (Tech Support):    Yes I think Facebook, or something else
08:29:56    Katie’s iPad:    Katie text: 205/886-2247. trtalabama@yahoo.com
08:30:02    Seth (Tech Support):    Start with an email chain
08:30:11    Mary S.:    Did Linea put her info?
08:30:15    Sandy Abrams:    Seth, you look puzzled.
08:30:22    Seth (Tech Support):    I will keep this open so people who want to, can put their contact info
08:30:41    Mary S.:    Seth, how do I find beautiful zoom backgrounds like you’ve had?
08:30:59    Yumi Yuge:    Yumi: yumiyuge@gmail.com
08:31:05    Deborah:    Yes, how did you do that background?
08:31:17    Seth (Tech Support):    Background images here > https://www.threyda.com/collections/desktop-packs
08:31:20    Seth (Tech Support):    They are free
08:31:24    Monica:    Monica: gormley.m@comcast.net
08:31:27    Deborah:    Thanks Seth!!
08:31:31    Seth (Tech Support):    And you can upload them to your zoom account
08:31:44    Mary S.:    Ok, I’ll google it thank you.
08:31:54    Mary S.:    Oh I see. Thank you!!!
08:32:17    Seth (Tech Support):    Then to choose a virtual background, press the up carrot on the side of your camera icon and click “choose virtual background"
08:32:49    Mary S.:    ok thank you.
08:33:00    kat:    Thank you, Seth!
08:33:17    kat:    Bye Everyone.
08:33:50    Sandy Abrams:    Bye everyone.  Have a great new life!
08:34:19    Seth (Tech Support):    Bye. Great workshop. Good luck everyone, was a pleasure